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Listing summary

Arvor 215 (ON A TRAILER)

Job ref: 872990 Date listed: 09-02-2020
Bids: 3 (0 active) Lowest bid: £727.00


Collect from:

Plymouth Plymouth PL9 7HJ United Kingdom

Deliver to:

Buckie Moray AB56 5BB United Kingdom


Approx. 673 miles


Between dates
Earliest: 12-02-2020
Latest: 16-02-2020


Between dates
Earliest : 12-02-2020
Latest: 16-02-2020

Listing description

Boat type: Powerboat with shaft drive
Dimensions: 7.00 x 2.50 x 3.00 m
Is it on a trailer? Yes
Bid Amount Submitted Expires
hutchinson15 (219) £727.00 09-02-2020 Accepted
nationwidedelivery (84) £729.00 09-02-2020 Declined
boatandcaravan-transport (79) £817.00 10-02-2020 Declined
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Question: Do you have a weight - nationwidedelivery (09-02-2020)
Response: Approx 2tonne including trailer and boat.
Question: Unfortunately the DVSA (Vosa) don’t like the word approximate

Is the trailer road worthy ie tyres and brakes? - nationwidedelivery (09-02-2020)
Response: From data sheets the boat weighs 1650kg and the trailer is 500kg.

Everything is road worthy. I have been told by seller