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Listing summary


Job ref: 868012 Date listed: 25-01-2020
Bids: 4 (0 active) Lowest bid: £1,992.00


Collect from:

Andijk Andijk 1619 Netherlands

Deliver to:

South Queensferry Edinburgh EH30 9SQ United Kingdom


Approx. 648 miles


Economy (7-10 days)


Economy (7-10 days)

Listing description

Boat type: Yacht with long keel
Dimensions: 8.00 x 2.70 x 0.91 m
Is it on a trailer? No
Bid Amount Submitted Expires
charliebouy (11) £1,582.00 30-01-2020 Replaced
charliebouy (11) £1,992.00 23-02-2020 Accepted
charliebouy (11) £4,759.00 22-02-2020 Replaced
fitzcarraldo (4) £4,943.00 04-02-2020 Declined
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Question: Can you confirm the sizes and weight please. Will there be lifting facilities at collection and delivery? Thanks - we.ship.worldwide (25-01-2020)
Response: Hallberg Rassy 26 2.5 tonne displacement. Yes lifting at each end
Question: What is the make and model of the yacht please?

Best Regards
William - boatandcaravan-transport (26-01-2020)
Response: Hallberg Rassy 26
Question: How high? How heavy? Or can you specify the builder and the model?
- fitzcarraldo (28-01-2020)
Response: Hallberg Rassy 26
Question: Is this still to do can do next week thank you - charliebouy (12-02-2020)
Response: Hi - I am going back to meet the surveyor next week on Tuesday, but I have bought it pending survey. Maybe the end of the week?
Question: Ok just let me know thank you - charliebouy (16-02-2020)
Response: Hi
I went to see the boat on Wednesday with the surveyor, and am going ahead.
It looks like it will be windy next week, so they can't get the boat out of the water until it drops. If you could let me know when you are available I can let the broker know to arrange the lift out onto your ( What are you using? A trailer or transporter?)
I checked the dimensions .
Length 8 m, beam 2.7 m, Height 3 m approx.
Update from the broker that they can get the boat out from Wednesday onwards
Question: Hi we are fully booked for the next two weeks but we will try to fit you in can you tell me the working times of the boat yards ie what days we can load and what days can we deliver see if they work weekends or not thank you - charliebouy (23-02-2020)
Response: Hi - Andijk have booked the crane for 6th March at 9 am. If you can't do that I will get them to change it. It may be better to talk direct to them.+31 6 18 554 780, Graziano Bijlsma.
Talked to Port Edgar and they suggest you talk direct to them to save going round the houses. 0131 331 3330.

Question: Hi I will see what I can do and give them a call in the next day or two so we can confirm dates thank you - charliebouy (25-02-2020)
Response: No response yet
Question: Can load on Monday the 9th first thing delivery Tuesday 10th thank you - charliebouy (26-02-2020)
Response: I called Port Edgar, but they have not heard from you, or about arrival times etc 0131 331 3330