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Listing summary

Tecnomarine Cobra 62

Job ref: 867135 Date listed: 23-01-2020
Bids: 3 (0 active) Lowest bid: £0.00


Collect from:

Ipswich Suffolk IP3 0EA United Kingdom

Deliver to:

Puerto de la Duquesa M├ílaga 29692 Spain


Approx. 1503 miles


Between dates
Earliest: 31-01-2020
Latest: 29-02-2020


Between dates
Earliest : 31-01-2020
Latest: 29-02-2020

Listing description

Boat type: Powerboat with shaft drive
Dimensions: 18.20 x 4.20 x 5.00 m
Is it on a trailer? No


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Bid Amount Submitted Expires
we.ship.worldwide (2) £0.00 31-01-2020 Accepted
we.ship.worldwide (2) £9,164.00 24-01-2020 Withdrawn
we.ship.worldwide (2) £9,164.00 30-01-2020 Withdrawn
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Question: When do you need this transported? - we.ship.worldwide (23-01-2020)
Response: the month of February
Question: Ok thanks. What weight is it? Will there be lifting facilities at collection and delivery? - we.ship.worldwide (23-01-2020)
Response: Hi , It's 34.000 kgs Hoists at both ends
Question: Thanks, can you confirm the hight of this please? - we.ship.worldwide (24-01-2020)
Response: height is 15 ft , sorry for the delay
Question: Thanks for the reply. I'll put a price in for you now - we.ship.worldwide (24-01-2020)
Response: No response yet
Question: Still needed? - we.ship.worldwide (30-01-2020)
Response: Hi ,
Yes the cobra 62 collection & delivery is still needed
kind regards
Question: Ok our price was in for you. - we.ship.worldwide (30-01-2020)
Response: No response yet
Question: Are you booking our service? - we.ship.worldwide (30-01-2020)
Response: Yes I want to book your service , I though i did with my last email . Am i missing some thing with the booking procedure
kind regards
Anthony devito
Question: Hi Anthony, You have to accept our quote. Thanks - we.ship.worldwide (31-01-2020)
Response: No response yet