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Listing summary

1 x Motorcycle: lml vespa

Job ref: 594050 Date listed: 12-11-2017
Bids: 11 (0 active) Lowest bid: £100.00


Collect from:

RM18 7NJ United Kingdom

Deliver to:

BD5 8LX United Kingdom


Approx. 216 miles


Economy (7-10 days)


Economy (7-10 days)

Listing description

Make: lml
Model: vespa
Operational: Yes
Bid Amount Submitted Expires
woodman1955 (22) £100.00 13-11-2017 Accepted
bike-trans-uk (7) £101.00 13-11-2017 Withdrawn
woodman1955 (22) £113.00 13-11-2017 Replaced
bike-trans-uk (7) £114.00 13-11-2017 Replaced
woodman1955 (22) £125.00 13-11-2017 Replaced
bike-trans-uk (7) £126.00 13-11-2017 Replaced
woodman1955 (22) £149.00 12-11-2017 Replaced
biker4u (9) £150.00 12-11-2017 Declined
biker101 (56) £150.00 13-11-2017 Declined
woodman1955 (22) £175.00 12-11-2017 Replaced
safcrudd (47) £375.00 12-11-2017 Declined
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Question: Hi, I'm based about half hour from Tilbury, would collection Wednesday and delivered Thursday be any good for this?
I'm strictly motorcycle transportation I'm not a courier there will be no other household items on board with your bike.
Best regards
Dan - i-move-motorcycles (12-11-2017)
Response: Hi and thanks what quote can you give me ?
Question: Hi, it'd be a quote of 120 + site fees so 150 all in.
Dan - i-move-motorcycles (12-11-2017)
Response: Hi Dan the bike is at tilbury docks would that be ok ?
Question: Hi, what's it at a holding yard, I've collected a a few bikes that have come over and in the holding yards?
Dan - i-move-motorcycles (13-11-2017)
Response: No response yet
Question: Hi, I see you've accepted another quote, just make sure that they have the correct insurance to transport your bike as normal courier insurance won't cover the transportation of motor vehicles, I'm strictly motorcycle transportation I'm not a chuck anything in the van courier.
Good luck
Dan - i-move-motorcycles (13-11-2017)
Response: Hi Dan i have been having a think about what you said and been talking to some people and your right .Would i be able to change my mind and choose you to bring my bike up im not sure how it works cheers Dale
Question: Hi Dale, if I was you I'd send the site an email tonight and ring them tomorrow, I've had jobs accept the wrong quote before and the site has given them my contact details.
Good luck and hopefully talk soon
Dan - i-move-motorcycles (14-11-2017)
Response: Hi Dan cant i just pay you to bring it up for me and cut out the middle man as i know you spealise in bikes only and that way i can have piece of mind that it will be in one piece cheers again dale
Question: Yes but I'm not allowed to give you my contact details, if I did before you accepted the quote I'd get banned from the site. You've already paid the site a fee so they may just give you my number, I'm not going to chance it and put my number down, you can try and send your number but the site may block it.
Dan - i-move-motorcycles (14-11-2017)
Response: can try 07874195886 cheers Dan