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Listing summary

1 x Car / SUV: Mercedes A class

Job ref: 1206980 Date listed: 21-02-2024
Bids: 3 (0 active) Lowest bid: £279.00


Collect from:

Preston Lancashire PR3 0RB United Kingdom

Deliver to:

High Wycombe Buckinghamshire HP13 7WX United Kingdom


Approx. 201 miles


ASAP (1-3 days)


ASAP (1-3 days)

Listing description

Body type: Hatchback
Make: Mercedes
Model: A class
Operational: Yes
Additional information
Service type: No preference
Bid Amount Submitted Expires
theno1vehicletransporter (42) £270.00 21-02-2024 Replaced
theno1vehicletransporter (42) £279.00 22-02-2024 Accepted
arr1999 (294) £281.00 21-02-2024 Declined
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Question: Hi. How are you? Do you have a preferred date you would like this vehicle transported?
Many thanks Jay
- theno1vehicletransporter (21-02-2024)
Response: Good afternoon.

I’m just find out when it would be available for collection and I’ll come back to you
Question: No probs. Can this also be a driven service - theno1vehicletransporter (21-02-2024)
Response: Yes my daughter’s just going through buying this car. The postcode I’ve just got PR3 0RB
Question: No worries will forward a quote if happy your welcome to accept - theno1vehicletransporter (21-02-2024)
Response: Hi
Right the paperwork has all gone through but the office is closed. As soon as I near back tomorrow and when it can be collected I’ll come back to you. I think your our only option at the minute
Question: No problem Thank you - theno1vehicletransporter (21-02-2024)
Response: Good afternoon,

Sorry it’s taken ages to get back to you. Just finished work an hour ago in this horrible rain. The garage said that the car is ready from Monday to collect.
If you you could let me know your availability and where we go from here that would be amazing
Question: No worries we can carry this out from the Tuesday onwards if needed. And to go ahead you would need to accept this quote. Many thanks - theno1vehicletransporter (22-02-2024)
Response: All booked
Question: Thank you for booking - theno1vehicletransporter (23-02-2024)
Response: Fab. Let me know where we go from here and what day you free x
Question: No problem will defo update you tomorrow morning if that’s ok. Many thanks - theno1vehicletransporter (25-02-2024)
Response: Yes of course thank you x
Good evening

Did pop you a text message.
The garage and the finance company are chasing us for a collection day. Please can you let me know asap as the finance might be cancelled
Question: Hi theirs sorry just see your text. Could tomorrow or the Thursday work for you guys - theno1vehicletransporter (27-02-2024)
Response: No response yet
Question: Hi theirs sorry just see your text. Could tomorrow or the Thursday work for you guys - theno1vehicletransporter (27-02-2024)
Response: Tomorrow for definite would be great as the company are are waiting to put the finance through.
If you can defo confirm this we can get the next lost of deposit paid
Question: I understand. Can I call the finance company tomorow to arrange for thurs fri ? - theno1vehicletransporter (27-02-2024)
Response: Sorry you offered tomorrow and Thursday. Ideally I would like it collected tomorrow as it’s taking too long and the garage are getting annoyed.
Can you collect tomorrow?
Question: I understand. I think we can tomorrow. Can I call you in the morning if that’s ok - theno1vehicletransporter (27-02-2024)
Response: If you could that would be amazing. Yes if you can let me know asap so we can get the next deposit paid to garage. I said I’d give them a call just after 9am
Question: Hi their. Just trying to sort this little issue we have for tomo as the main reason for the wait is because our job to the Manchester area got cancelled so theirs just been abit of a delay - theno1vehicletransporter (28-02-2024)
Response: So you definitely can’t get for today?
Question: Unfortunately not as we are still in london locating another job to get to Manchester for tomorrow - theno1vehicletransporter (28-02-2024)
Response: No response yet
Question: Hi their. Just wondering if you have any Lea way to collect before end of this week for you - theno1vehicletransporter (28-02-2024)
Response: No response yet