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Listing summary

1 x Motorcycle: Honda Forza 125

Job ref: 1205709 Date listed: 10-02-2024
Bids: 8 (0 active) Lowest bid: £239.00


Collect from:

Slough Slough SL1 2QT United Kingdom

Deliver to:

Glasgow Glasgow City G1 5HF United Kingdom


Approx. 391 miles


Economy (7-10 days)


Between dates
Earliest : 27-02-2024
Latest: 28-02-2024

Listing description

Make: Honda
Model: Forza 125
Operational: Yes
Bid Amount Submitted Expires
yourbike (66) £226.00 11-02-2024 Lapsed
bigsi4482 (379) £227.00 11-02-2024 Lapsed
yourbike (66) £239.00 11-02-2024 Accepted
yourbike (66) £251.00 10-02-2024 Replaced
yourbike (66) £252.00 10-02-2024 Replaced
bigsi4482 (379) £252.00 10-02-2024 Replaced
bigsi4482 (379) £252.00 11-02-2024 Declined
1paulbol (12) £252.00 11-02-2024 Declined
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Question: Hi, could this be collected 27th and delivered 28th?
Regards, Chris - yourbike (11-02-2024)
Response: Yes please
Question: Good evening, could this be done earlier? - 1paulbol (11-02-2024)
Response: What day is good for you to collect the bike, like how soon, if you give me the exact date?
Question: Wednesday/Thursday perhaps - 1paulbol (11-02-2024)
Response: Sorry mate I won’t be there at that time, Cause I’m moving property
Question: Great stuff thanks I'll pop a price on for you now on that basis collection 27th delivery 28th.
I could collect and deliver the week before to if that's any good for you 20th / 21st.
Cheers, Chris - yourbike (11-02-2024)
Response: I really appreciate it, But I’m moving property on the exact date so that’s why, I can’t do it later or I can do it later from 28th
Question: what days suit next week? Either that or how far are you from SL1? - 1paulbol (11-02-2024)
Response: Im in SL1
Question: Sorry SL3. I have a yard I can store it there if you wanted to drop it there? - 1paulbol (11-02-2024)
Response: No response yet
Question: Oke doke, how about collection 20th / 21st would that work? - yourbike (11-02-2024)
Response: Sorry mate, as I said I’m moving property so no one will be there for bike to collect it
Question: Dates are fine with me as I cover that route every week with other bike and scoot deliveries, can collect 20th or 21st or collect 27th.
Cheers, Chris - yourbike (11-02-2024)
Response: Yeah 27th will be good for me
Question: sl3 sorry
- 1paulbol (11-02-2024)
Response: No response yet
Question: What date do you move or what date do you need it collected? - yourbike (11-02-2024)
Response: After 27th any till 30th
Question: Think our messages are crossing, and yes I can collect on the 27th.
Cheers, Chris - yourbike (11-02-2024)
Response: No response yet
Question: Perfect dates are f3, price on for you now - yourbike (11-02-2024)
Response: Sure, so when can I collect the bike?
Question: Do you mean when would I deliver your bike? - yourbike (11-02-2024)
Response: Yes please?
Question: Delivery would be the same week as collection, so if collected 27th delivery would be next day or day after, whenever collected delivery would be no longer then 48 hours later - yourbike (11-02-2024)
Response: Sure, no problem
Question: Great stuff thanks, if you want to accept the quote you pay small deposit then we can organise from there.
Cheers, Chris - yourbike (11-02-2024)
Response: Yes I will do that
Question: Ok thanks speak soon.
Cheers, Chris - yourbike (11-02-2024)
Response: Thanks
Question: Welcome - yourbike (11-02-2024)
Response: Hello Chris, I booked it, Just please confirm the accurate address for me, Cause it shows wrong address there
Question: Hi, have just checked the job sheet and the collection address is missing off the job sheet, could you send me the collection address and the delivery address through this message service.
Cheers, Chris - yourbike (12-02-2024)
Response: No response yet