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Listing summary

1 x Motorcycle: Yamaha XJ6 diversion f

Job ref: 1204335 Date listed: 29-01-2024
Bids: 3 (0 active) Lowest bid: £189.00


Collect from:

Manchester Greater Manchester M23 9BU United Kingdom

Deliver to:

London Greater London E14 6AE United Kingdom


Approx. 215 miles


Economy (7-10 days)


Economy (7-10 days)

Listing description

Make: Yamaha
Model: XJ6 diversion f
Operational: Yes
Bid Amount Submitted Expires
yourbike (62) £189.00 30-01-2024 Accepted
bigsi4482 (367) £227.00 29-01-2024 Declined
notts_courier (254) £374.00 29-01-2024 Declined
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Question: Hi, could this be collected and delivered during the week of the 12th of February?
Regards, Chris - yourbike (29-01-2024)
Response: Hi, i would Need the bike tò be moved at the beginning of March. How much would It be? Thank you
Question: Hi, thanks for the reply, I cover that route every week with other bike deliveries so no issues at all any week, I'll pop a price on for you now on that basis.
Regards, Chris - yourbike (30-01-2024)
Response: No response yet
Question: Hi, price on for you now, any questions please ask.
Regards, Chris - yourbike (30-01-2024)
Response: Hello Chris, so the price would be £189 from Manchester tò London Is that correct?
I would Need It tò be collected the 18th or the 19th of February i Will Need to ask the seller which day he Will be available. Thank you
Question: Hi, that's correct price you see is the price you pay, on your last message you mentioned it needed collecting beginning of March, I couldn't collect Sunday the 18th of February as I'm away with track bike deliveries, would have to be Monday the 19th for collection.
Thanks, Chris - yourbike (30-01-2024)
Response: Ok, i Will ask the seller and see if Is ok for him tò give you the bike on the 19th, you have any preferences morning/afternoon or evening?
Thank you

Question: Hi, collection time would depend on other bike deliveries I'll be doing that day, I'd confirm with the seller the time on the Thursday / Friday the week before.
Cheers, Chris - yourbike (30-01-2024)
Response: Thank you for your response, how long Will It take from collection to delivery?
Question: Morning, depends on other bike collection and deliveries on the way down, once collected bikes are delivered the same day or following day st the latest.
Cheers, Chris - yourbike (31-01-2024)
Response: Hi Chris, yes i Will go with you for the delivery. Just let me sourt out the parking space i Need It delivered to and i Will get back to you in the next few days. Thank you
Question: Hi Andrea.

No problem at all speak soon.

Regards, Chris - yourbike (31-01-2024)
Response: Hi, Chris, for the 19th of February would be perfect for me. Should i accept the quote etc.?
Question: Hi Andrea.
That's would be great thanks, 19th for collection, delivery 19th / 20th.
Cheers, Chris - yourbike (31-01-2024)
Response: Hi Chris , i paid the deposit.
Question: Hi Andrea.
Haven't had any confirmation yet from the site, will check tomorrow.
Cheers, Chris - yourbike (31-01-2024)
Response: No response yet
Question: You may want to check to see if it's gone through your end, normally once a deposit is paid on the site then the site releases the paperwork but hasn't done it as of yet.
- yourbike (31-01-2024)
Response: Had a problem, now it should be done.
Question: Hi, can confirm have received the paperwork, could you send me the collection phone number as its not on the paperwork, I'll be in touch towards the end of the week of the 12th to confirm everything for the week of the 19th.
Cheers, Chris. - yourbike (31-01-2024)
Response: Yes, this Is the seller Number for collection:
+44 7702 358294 his name is Stephen.
Thank you
Question: Great stuff thanks Andrea speak soon.
Regards, Chris - yourbike (01-02-2024)
Response: Hello Chris, how are you? You confirm for the 19th the collection of the XJ6Diversion from Manchester?
Thank you
Question: Hi Andrea.

Hope you're well, all good here thanks, I'm currently away with the track bikes at the moment, due back Monday next week, I'll give you a quick call Monday with a heads up but yes all good for collection Monday the 19th, it'll likely be between 9am and 11am but will confirm with you Monday next week.
Cheers, Chris - yourbike (10-02-2024)
Response: Hello, good! I Will wait for your update on Monday.

Have a good weekend.

Question: Thanks Andrea you to.

Cheers, Chris - yourbike (10-02-2024)
Response: Hello Chris, have you told them about the cancellation so i can get the refund?
Thank you
Question: Hi Andrea.
Yes I spoken to them and told the I can't collect in time due to the van issue.
Regards, Chris - yourbike (16-02-2024)
Response: No response yet