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Listing summary

1 x Car / SUV: Hyundai I20

Job ref: 1204271 Date listed: 29-01-2024
Bids: 3 (0 active) Lowest bid: £422.00


Collect from:

Colchester Essex CO1 2JR United Kingdom

Deliver to:

Liverpool Merseyside L18 0HP United Kingdom


Approx. 247 miles


Fixed date


Fixed date

Listing description

Body type: Hatchback
Make: Hyundai
Model: I20
Operational: Yes
Additional information
Service type: No preference
Bid Amount Submitted Expires
valrecovery1 (35) £422.00 29-01-2024 Declined
emmamvm (89) £435.00 29-01-2024 Accepted
top_movers (124) £578.00 29-01-2024 Declined
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Question: Hi. How are you? Do you have a preferred date you would like this vehicle transported?
Many thanks Jay - theno1vehicletransporter (29-01-2024)
Response: Hi Jay, I'm good, thanks, hope you are too. It's for 24th February and there's also a luggage, boxes that will be in the in the car
Question: I understand. Can this also be a driven service - theno1vehicletransporter (29-01-2024)
Response: It can certainly be driven as long as I'm not the driver:) I'm relocating to Liverpool, that's why the luggage in the car and if I can travel in the car too it will be great.
Question: I understand
This is something no we can do and I will need to double check if our insurance covers passengers which are clients
- theno1vehicletransporter (29-01-2024)
Response: Thank you for that, please let me know.