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Listing summary

1 x Car / SUV: Audi A3

Job ref: 1203867 Date listed: 25-01-2024
Bids: 6 (0 active) Lowest bid: £252.00


Collect from:

Bushey Hertfordshire WD25 8JJ United Kingdom

Deliver to:

Liverpool Merseyside L36 4QR United Kingdom


Approx. 190 miles


ASAP (1-3 days)


ASAP (1-3 days)

Listing description

Body type: Hatchback
Make: Audi
Model: A3
Operational: Yes
Additional information
Service type: No preference
Bid Amount Submitted Expires
dazza775 (2) £252.00 25-01-2024 Declined
emmamvm (89) £255.00 25-01-2024 Accepted
brytan83 (247) £264.00 25-01-2024 Declined
arr1999 (293) £266.00 25-01-2024 Declined
alixaquala (29) £361.00 25-01-2024 Declined
top_movers (124) £483.00 25-01-2024 Declined
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Question: Hi. How are you? Do you have a preferred date you would like this vehicle transported?
Many thanks Jay - theno1vehicletransporter (25-01-2024)
Response: This Saturday please.
Could also do tomorrow.
Question: Hi there! When are you planning to transport your car? We have two experienced drivers ready to assist you. Let me know your preferred schedule. - brytan83 (25-01-2024)
Response: Tomorrow if possible or early Saturday.
Question: Hi, do you have a specific day that you are wanting this done? I should be able to do it cheaper as il be on a back run empty. Thank you - classic_movers_555 (25-01-2024)
Response: I would like to say this Saturday.
Question: Hi, thanks for the response. Unfortunately I couldn’t manage Saturday. Double checking my diary I could collect Monday Eve and deliver directly to you, or deliver Tuesday morning if preferred. Totally understandable if that doesn’t fit in with your requirements. Thank you. Stuart. - classic_movers_555 (25-01-2024)
Response: Would tomorrow work?
Question: I am fully booked up tomorrow, Monday would be the soonest I could do unfortunately - classic_movers_555 (25-01-2024)
Response: No response yet
Question: Can this be a driven service - theno1vehicletransporter (26-01-2024)
Response: No response yet