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Listing summary

1 x Car / SUV: Citroen C3

Job ref: 1197298 Date listed: 18-11-2023
Bids: 17 (0 active) Lowest bid: £296.00


Collect from:

Horley Surrey RH6 7ED United Kingdom

Deliver to:

St Austell Cornwall PL25 4HL United Kingdom


Approx. 258 miles


Between dates
Earliest: 18-11-2023
Latest: 25-11-2023


Between dates
Earliest : 18-11-2023
Latest: 25-11-2023

Listing description

Body type: MPV (People carrier)
Make: Citroen
Model: C3
Operational: Yes
Additional information
Service type: Driven
Bid Amount Submitted Expires
25.fonationc (27) £296.00 20-11-2023 Accepted
vehicletransuk (28) £297.00 20-11-2023 Declined
25.fonationc (27) £298.00 19-11-2023 Replaced
baronofbealswood (317) £299.00 19-11-2023 Declined
25.fonationc (27) £300.00 19-11-2023 Replaced
baronofbealswood (317) £312.00 19-11-2023 Replaced
a1towing (326) £313.00 19-11-2023 Declined
baronofbealswood (317) £342.00 19-11-2023 Replaced
a1towing (326) £343.00 19-11-2023 Replaced
roger_apm2021 (159) £343.00 19-11-2023 Declined
baronofbealswood (317) £349.00 19-11-2023 Replaced
roger_apm2021 (159) £374.00 19-11-2023 Replaced
a1towing (326) £374.00 19-11-2023 Replaced
emmamvm (90) £435.00 19-11-2023 Declined
emmamvm (90) £480.00 19-11-2023 Replaced
a1towing (326) £496.00 19-11-2023 Replaced
top_movers (125) £659.00 19-11-2023 Declined
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Question: Hi, I can give a competitive quote for transported service if you require.
Many Thanks
Roger - roger_apm2021 (19-11-2023)
Response: Yes please.
Question: Hi I have just quoted. The price you see includes the site fees. So the price you is the total price.
Many thanks
Roger - roger_apm2021 (19-11-2023)
Response: No response yet
Question: Hello. I can do this on the 21st. Thank you - 25.fonationc (19-11-2023)
Response: Good evening,

Was you still looking for work tomorrow or did you get sorted.

What was your price as well please?

Kind regards,
Question: Yes. I can do it tomorrow if you accept me now because I am delivering vehicle not too far from there - 25.fonationc (20-11-2023)
Response: Sorry I can't see a price, what price will you collect it for please?

Will it be transported or driven please?

I have a couple interested in collecting this week to give them a return trip, unsure which was yours sorry.
Question: 250 - 25.fonationc (20-11-2023)
Response: Thank you £250 is okay please continue.
Question: Accept me on app now because I just in London - 25.fonationc (21-11-2023)
Response: Can I have confirmation please that you care collecting my car on the 23rd November, as per your phone call. Sorry we seem to of been cut off yesterday, I was in emergency as I have broken my ankle in several places and need an operation to pin it all back together.
Question: Yes. Collection is 23rd. Thanks - 25.fonationc (22-11-2023)
Response: Hi Sunny, do you have an eta for delivery please? Just so I can make sure someone will be here to meet you. Cheers.
Thank you for delivering my car, I wouldn't have minded paying extra if you had to put fuel in, like £10/20.00.

Could I have a receipt please for the total payment. Thank you.
Question: I will send you the invoice today. I put £15.00 fuel. Thank you - 25.fonationc (24-11-2023)
Response: No response yet