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Listing summary

1 x Car / SUV: Mini Mini

Job ref: 1193228 Date listed: 10-10-2023
Bids: 10 (0 active) Lowest bid: £170.00


Collect from:

Calverton City Of Nottingham NG14 6QU United Kingdom

Deliver to:

Milton Keynes Milton Keynes MK14 5GH United Kingdom


Approx. 87 miles


Economy (7-10 days)


Economy (7-10 days)

Listing description

Body type: Coupe
Make: Mini
Model: Mini
Operational: No
Additional information
Service type: Transported (i.e. not driven)
Bid Amount Submitted Expires
wheelpal (3) £170.00 17-10-2023 Declined
sirwinchalot (67) £189.00 16-10-2023 Accepted
sirwinchalot (67) £238.00 12-10-2023 Replaced
sirwinchalot (67) £239.00 12-10-2023 Replaced
transportbest (6) £239.00 12-10-2023 Declined
transportbest (6) £249.00 10-10-2023 Replaced
classic_movers_555 (19) £250.00 10-10-2023 Declined
transportbest (6) £257.00 10-10-2023 Replaced
sirwinchalot (67) £258.00 10-10-2023 Replaced
transportbest (6) £288.00 10-10-2023 Replaced
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Question: Hi. How are you? Do you have a preferred date you would like this vehicle transported?
Many thanks Jay - theno1vehicletransporter (10-10-2023)
Response: No response yet
Question: Hi. Follow up to my previous message. Is there a possibility this could be done tomorrow morning first thing? In which case, I can do for the currently quoted price. I would need to know tonight though, earlier the better as other jobs in the pipeline. Kind regards, Peter - sirwinchalot (17-10-2023)
Response: Yes, of course. I will not be with the car tomorrow morning, but it is sitting there ready with the key on the back wheel. Is there anything specific you need from me, I'm available to chat if need be on

Thank you!
Question: Hi. I’m really sorry, but I hadn’t heard anything last night and I’m already in Northampton now. I won’t have time to return to Nottingham I’m afraid. Regards, Peter - sirwinchalot (18-10-2023)
Response: Hey Peter, I did reply last night but not a worry at all. Haven't had anyone confirm that they're taking it, so anytime you're needing to pair up around that area, please give me a call/message. Thanks!
Question: Don’t know quite what happened. Email didn’t come through until 9.01am just as I was having a late breakfast stop. Would have worked out great but never mind. Will be in touch soon as something comes up. Regards, Peter - sirwinchalot (18-10-2023)
Response: No response yet
Question: Hi Robyn

I have a job coming up for next week (probably Monday) that I can tie yours in with. Yours would be first so collect in the morning. Are you still needing it doing?

Kind regards,

Peter - sirwinchalot (19-10-2023)
Response: Hey Peter,

Yes - still need it going!

Question: Hi Robyn

Ok. Let’s go for Monday morning. If you can pay the deposit to DQC, this will book the job and release contact/address details

Kind regards

Peter - sirwinchalot (20-10-2023)
Response: No response yet