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Listing summary

1 x Car / SUV: Chevrolet blazer

Job ref: 1191479 Date listed: 20-09-2023
Bids: 3 (0 active) Lowest bid: £374.00


Collect from:

Wokingham Wokingham RG40 3DE United Kingdom

Deliver to:

Blackpool Blackpool FY3 7ST United Kingdom


Approx. 239 miles


Between dates
Earliest: 22-09-2023
Latest: 24-09-2023


Between dates
Earliest : 22-09-2023
Latest: 24-09-2023

Listing description

Body type: 4x4
Make: Chevrolet
Model: blazer
Operational: Yes
Additional information
Service type: Transported (i.e. not driven)
Bid Amount Submitted Expires
patch_evans (477) £374.00 22-09-2023 Accepted
mtwdeliver (0) £465.00 22-09-2023 Declined
alixaquala (29) £543.00 20-09-2023 Declined
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Question: I can collect and deliver over the weekend or next week if possible.

Thanks, - patch_evans (22-09-2023)
Response: No response yet
Question: Have you got any specific days in question yet? - patch_evans (23-09-2023)
Response: Hi, Originally I was after this weekend ,but I got let down on that by a few drivers, who said they could do it,then changed their minds,hence quotes for weekdays.
Problem Monday, Tuesday ,Wednesday,Thursday I'm only available after 6pm ,Friday I'm free.
I can't see your original quote anymore.
Regards Adrian.
Question: If you accept the bid now, I’ll telephone you and go through it all with you and I’ll get it picked up on Monday and delivered to you for 6 o’clock if you want - patch_evans (23-09-2023)
Response: No response yet
Question: At the moment, the only day I’m not available at is Tuesday and Friday - patch_evans (23-09-2023)
Response: Hi can you send me ghe original quote over
Question: My bed is still on there, iIf you click on the bid, it should let you accept it. - patch_evans (23-09-2023)
Response: No response yet
Question: My original bid is still on there and it’s still active. If you click on the bed and then go to accept it should send you my details. - patch_evans (23-09-2023)
Response: Hi,I have had so many quotes,dates,etc.off other sites still arriving,I have got bogged down with it all now,forgetting which quote is for which day,who is who etc.
Yours is the only one ,off your site ,so I remember yours and ringing the guy on the desk.
So if £374 is still the quote & you can deliver after 6pm thats ok .I think Thursday you had available?Can you show insurance for your bed load/Re my vehicle please,I got advised to ask for that.Do you have a photo of the vehicle to be used ,so I can see for myself if its suitable thanks, obviously I need to know all the above before committing to a quote.
Question: If you look on my Feedback at the side, it shows you my level of insurance I’m covered for over £4 million vehicle in transit. If you want it done on that day you need to booking now I’m afraid because I am getting booked up I don’t need to get everything nails on so I don’t let anybody down if he’s looked to be back. I don’t mess around. Want to accept a job will be done - patch_evans (23-09-2023)
Response: Ok,so I will accept the quote of £374 in total for delivery around 6pm on Thursday,as i am not in before then.Please confirm before I accept
Question: Yes, if you accept it now, I’ll give you a call to sort it all out - patch_evans (23-09-2023)
Response: No response yet
Question: Yes, and I can confirm that I will do it on that the time you’ve asked for it to be done make sure it is delivered at 6 o’clock when you finish work - patch_evans (23-09-2023)
Response: OK thanks I'm covered in mud at the moment will sort ASAP.
Question: Well if it’s not booked by the morning I might have to take another job….. it’s first come first serve I’m afraid - patch_evans (23-09-2023)
Response: No response yet
Question: Morning…… I’m booking my work for this week…. If you want Thursday could you please let me no? If you don’t want it doing it ok but can you please let me know so I can book something else….. thanks…. - patch_evans (24-09-2023)
Response: Yes,sorry.I was covered in mud sorting a
receding flood out before the next lot of rain,as the water was nearly gone and just mud ,so had to get the aftermath (mud) up ,then straight in the bath ,then something to eat and to late to sort by then.
I will check in an hour or so that you can still do and then sort ,as I will have to put deposit down & I haven't my card with me at the min or collection contact number until I'm back home.
Question: I’ll book it in if you want but don’t won’t to save the space and then it not happen. - patch_evans (24-09-2023)
Response: Thanks I'm back in around an hour then will accept the quote and can pay the deposit.