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Listing summary

1 x Car / SUV: BMW Z4 M

Job ref: 1187813 Date listed: 15-08-2023
Bids: 1 (0 active) Lowest bid: £249.00


Collect from:

Chelmsford Essex CM1 3BH United Kingdom

Deliver to:

Norton Northamptonshire NN11 2EH United Kingdom


Approx. 98 miles


ASAP (1-3 days)


ASAP (1-3 days)

Listing description

Body type: Convertible
Make: BMW
Model: Z4 M
Operational: Yes
Additional information
Service type: Transported (i.e. not driven)
Bid Amount Submitted Expires
recovsam (137) £249.00 15-08-2023 Accepted


Question: Can we collect today or tomorrow early morning?
Thanks Sam - recovsam (15-08-2023)
Response: Perfect - they op;eln at 9am but probably best to give them half an hour to get the compound open etc, so 9:30 would be suitable for them if that works for you. Let me know and if so I am happy to accept your quote
Question: I was looking to collect At 7am.
I can see that won't be possible - recovsam (15-08-2023)
Response: So is that a no then? Any other day this week you can manage please?
Question: Yes.
I can do Thursday/Friday
Thanks - recovsam (15-08-2023)
Response: Sam, let me know which suits you best - I am happy with either.

Please note, the car is low, with a splitter on the front that struggles with bumps in the road and acute angles. Will you manage to get it up on a transporter? Have you transported low riding cars before?

Question: Hi. How are you? Do you have a preferred date you would like this vehicle transported?
Many thanks Jay - theno1vehicletransporter (15-08-2023)
Response: No response yet
Question: I have transporteded many low cars, I don't know how low your z4 .
Does it have a tow hook?
Please can you put a picture atleast we will be sure.
Thanks Sam - recovsam (15-08-2023)
Response: Hey Sam, I cannot work out how to add pictures here. I have paid the deposit - the car is not with me, its at a garage in Chelmsford, so I cannot take photos anyway, sorry

I am happy for you to deliver it either Thursday or Friday, just as long as you let me know when so I can tell the garage when to expect you.

You should have my contact details now, so feel free to contact me directly to discuss further


Question: Hi Adam.
Thank you for accepting my quote.
I will confirm this afternoon if it's tomorrow or Friday transport.

Thanks Sam
07985598422 - recovsam (16-08-2023)
Question: Hi Adam
Sorry for late reply, would like to transport the car tomorrow Thursday,
Sam - recovsam (16-08-2023)
Response: No response yet