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Listing summary

1 x Van: VW Transporter

Job ref: 1154358 Date listed: 21-10-2022
Bids: 2 (0 active) Lowest bid: £398.00


Collect from:

Huddersfield Kirklees HD7 5UN United Kingdom

Deliver to:

Exminster Devon EX6 8TJ United Kingdom


Approx. 273 miles


Fixed date


ASAP (1-3 days)

Listing description

Body type: Short wheel base (SWB)
Make: VW
Model: Transporter
Operational: Yes
Additional information
Service type: Transported (i.e. not driven)
Bid Amount Submitted Expires
vehicletransuk (28) £398.00 22-10-2022 Accepted
scottstransport (140) £459.00 21-10-2022 Declined
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Question: Hi, could your Transporter be driven to Exminster? Vehicle would need to be roadworthy and have a current MOT.
Alan - vehicletransuk (22-10-2022)
Response: Hi.

Yes the vehicle could be driven. It’s a VW camper being delivered to a customer.

What would you charge for that?

Question: Hi, thanks for your message, I'll submit a driven quote for you.
Alan - vehicletransuk (22-10-2022)
Response: Thanks Alan

Is that price plus VAT?

I would be looking at Wednesday-Thursday next week. Is that ok with you?
Question: Hi, i could collect on Thursday with delivery same or next day depending on collection time.
Price is fully inclusive of fuel, tolls etc, I am below VAT threshold.
Many thanks,
Alan - vehicletransuk (22-10-2022)
Response: No response yet
Question: Good morning,
Still have availability for Thursday if you require delivery of your Transporter.
Could you let me know as my availability can change rapidly.
Many thanks
Alan - vehicletransuk (24-10-2022)
Response: Hi Alan

I would like to go ahead with your quote for pick up and delivery on Thursday if possible.

Can I contact you directly or do I need to go through this site?

Question: Hi Sam,

That would be great, thank you.
In order to proceed you'll need to accept my quote on the website, we will then receive each other's contact details and can communicate directly.
Hopefully speak soon.

Alan - vehicletransuk (24-10-2022)
Response: Ok, great, I just need to confirm that our customer is ok with a Thursday delivery.

As soon as hear back I will either book it for then or arrange a different date.

Question: No problem Sam, could offer Saturday collection and delivery as an alternative.
Alan - vehicletransuk (24-10-2022)
Response: Great, thanks, where are you based?
Question: I'm based in the South West, cover the whole UK. - vehicletransuk (24-10-2022)
Response: Ok, so you would get a train up to Yorkshire?
Question: Generally have another job link with where possible. - vehicletransuk (24-10-2022)
Response: Hi Alan,

I may need to move this delivery to Saturday if possible. I'm waiting to hear from the customer, I will confirm ASAP

Question: Hi Sam,

Saturday would actually suit me better now as Thursday could be tight.

Alan - vehicletransuk (24-10-2022)
Response: Ok, all good for Saturday, I will pay the deposit now.

What time will you aim to arrive in Exeter?