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Listing summary

Beneteau Antares 8 Boat

Job ref: 1088697 Date listed: 20-10-2021
Bids: 2 (0 active) Lowest bid: £3,939.00


Collect from:

Évian-les-Bains Haute-Savoie 74500 France

Deliver to:

Swansea Swansea SA United Kingdom


Approx. 831 miles


Economy (7-10 days)


Economy (7-10 days)

Listing description

Boat type: Powerboat with shaft drive
Dimensions: 8.36 x 2.95 x 1.88 m
Is it on a trailer? No
Bid Amount Submitted Expires
charliebouy (22) £3,939.00 04-11-2021 Accepted
charliebouy (22) £4,041.00 31-10-2021 Replaced
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Question: Hi we maybe can do your boat early then we first though about 24th 25th thank you - charliebouy (15-11-2021)
Response: Thank you. That could work well. Do I need to arrange the lift for the boat each end or is that something you arrange? I have tried to contact the port in France about it but am waiting for a response. If I don’t hear back today I will try to ring them. Thank you, Sophie
Question: Ok Sophie just let me know and you have to arrange the lifting on and off my trailer if you have just purchased the boat is there paperwork or is it your boat and it’s just coming home thank you - charliebouy (15-11-2021)
Response: Hi, the boat was my dad’s and is now coming home to the UK. I have spoken to my insurers and they want me to send a copy of your public liability insurance before it is transported. Would this be possible please?

Do you need any documentation from me to transport the boat? I have emailed the port again to ask about lifting the boat in France (I imagine it will be much more straight forward to arrange at the UK end) and I hope to hear from them soon.

Many thanks, Sophie
Question: Yes I can send a copy of my public liability no problem I will need of you documents to prove you own the boat and copy’s of boat paperwork if you have any when bid is taken I will book it in to do and before we go you will be sent my public liability and my company details thank you - charliebouy (15-11-2021)
Response: Perfect thank you. I intend to accept your quote, I am just in the process of changing the registration of the boat (as it previously belonged to my late father). Could I check what documents you require please, both for proof of ownership and the boat paperwork). I want to make sure I can get hold of everything required to transport it back.

I am also still trying to find out information about lifting the boat in France, I hope to speak to someone today who we know in France who may be able to help me find out more details and get in contact with the right person! Thank you, Sophie
Question: I just need proof of ownership and if you have had to pay inport tax will need receipt of that and full address of were the boat is going to thank you - charliebouy (17-11-2021)
Response: I have just found out that the Dickies marina is in Bangor not Swansea (the port in Swansea is not their main one). The address is Bangor, Gwynedd, LL574HN. Are you able to adjust your quote for the new address or do I need to make a new request for a quote with the new delivery address? Thank you, Sophie
Question: No it’s ok we will still do it for you it’s not a problem we help we’re we can thank you - charliebouy (19-11-2021)
Response: No response yet