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Listing summary

1 x Van: Renault Traffic

Job ref: 1060228 Date listed: 21-07-2021
Bids: 3 (0 active) Lowest bid: £374.00


Collect from:

Middlesbrough Middlesbrough TS3 8bl United Kingdom

Deliver to:

Winchester Hampshire SO21 1PB United Kingdom


Approx. 281 miles


ASAP (1-3 days)


ASAP (1-3 days)

Listing description

Body type: Short wheel base (SWB)
Make: Renault
Model: Traffic
Operational: Yes
Additional information
Service type: No preference
Bid Amount Submitted Expires
gavinquinn39 (157) £374.00 21-07-2021 Accepted
hutchinson15 (277) £374.00 21-07-2021 Declined
gavinquinn39 (157) £398.00 21-07-2021 Replaced
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Question: Hi,

I can collect Saturday morning delivered straight from collection.

Many thanks

Gavin - gavinquinn39 (21-07-2021)
Response: What time could you get it to me Saturday evening? As I'm going London. Also will you put on a truck?
I'll say gavin collecting do u have a company name I can tell them? Also can you give me something to say van will be dropped to me thank you
Question: Hi,

It would be around 4pm and yes it would be transported not driven.

Many thanks

Gavin - gavinquinn39 (21-07-2021)
Response: That sounds great I need ring garage today let them no someone picking it up. How would u prefer payment?
Question: Hi,

Sorry about the late response. Quinn transport solutions.

Many thanks - gavinquinn39 (22-07-2021)
Response: Hi could I have your number? To discuss Saturday? Thank you
Question: Hi,

Saturday is fully booked now it would have to be on Monday if your still interested you have to book through the website to get my contact details many thanks

Gavin - gavinquinn39 (22-07-2021)
Response: Oh no I had planned everything for Saturday I thought we had deal :( how do I book on your website? I'm not good online
Question: Hi,

Sorry I don’t book anything in till the deposit has been paid on the website due to a lot of time wasters, if you pay the deposit to the website the website will release my contact details.

Many thanks - gavinquinn39 (22-07-2021)
Response: OK will do now thanks