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Job ref: 354473 Date listed: 10-11-2015
Consignment type: Commercial freight
Total weight: 120.00 kg Total cubic volume: 0.86 m³
Bids: 4 (0 active) Lowest bid: £100.00


Collect from:

RIO RANCHO United States of America

Collection location type:

Residential address

Deliver to:

Wakefield West Yorkshire WF4 5AY United Kingdom

Delivery location type:

Residential address


Economy (7-10 days)


Economy (7-10 days)

Listing description

Description Pallet (120cm x 120cm)
Quantity 1
Dimensions 1.20 x 1.20 x 0.60 m
Weight 120.00 kg
Bid Amount Submitted Expires
worldwidelogistics (5) £100.00 01-12-2015 Accepted
worldwidelogistics (5) £420.00 10-11-2015 Replaced
shipping.worldwide (680) £550.00 10-11-2015 Declined
express_couriers (147) £860.00 10-11-2015 Declined
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Question: Hi Paul,
hope you are well,
just a quick catch up to see if you would like to go ahead with our rates?
kind regards
lee - worldwidelogistics (11-11-2015)
Response: I do Lee im just waiting for the sender to get everything together,
will let you know asap.
Question: Hi Paul,
That's no problem at all just let me know when all is ready,

Kind regards
Lee - worldwidelogistics (11-11-2015)
Response: Hello Lee, could you give me a price if i was to pick the pallet up from the port or wherever ?
im just getting prices a bit lower if i collect ?

Question: Hi Paul
We can offer £325 door to port (tilbury) sea freight
Or £575 door to Manchester airport
All these rates exclude destination charges which can range from £85-160
Please let me know your thoughts

- worldwidelogistics (11-11-2015)
Response: Hello Lee,
so £575 to manchester airport , plus the import duty and tax ?
Question: Hi Paul
yes that is right and also destination handling charges which will be charged at their own rates this can be anything upto £160 plus you will have up to 48 hours to collect the goods before any storage charges apply
hope this helps
lee - worldwidelogistics (11-11-2015)
Response: It shouldnt be much handling charge for a pallet surely ?
But the rate of £575 means i pay less on the rate calculator anyway so ill do that then Lee,

Ill be in touch ASAP.
Cheers mate.
Hello Lee, im just waiting for everything to arrive in New mexico, then ill go ahead with that shipment,

should be next couple of days it ll be in touch 100%

Question: Hi Paul,
That's no problem at all

Kind regards
Lee - worldwidelogistics (12-11-2015)
Response: Morning Lee, the guy is delaying sending the parts i need to new mexico, as soon as i will be contacting you,
im still going ahead with this mate,

speak soon.

Question: Hi Paul,
That's no problem just jet us know when it's ready
Lee - worldwidelogistics (20-11-2015)
Response: Finally ready,
Do you want me to ring you ?
if so send me your number.
Question: Hi Paul,
unfortunately this site will not allow me to send any contact details through, once you accept the bid it will provide you with all my details.
sorry this is the only way to do it.
lee - worldwidelogistics (30-11-2015)
Response: Hi Lee, how much was it again, air freight door to port ?

Shall i just accept the £420 quote and we ll take it from there
Question: Hi Paul,
Rate is £575 door to Manchester airport.
I will place a new quote to save fees please accept the new quote
Lee - worldwidelogistics (01-12-2015)
Response: No response yet