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Dear Customer , we are a professional removal company that has over 22 years of experience in moving and courier work. We assure our costumers that we will deliver whatever fits our vans and within the weight. Our team can help load/unload and pack/unpack things, we are here to serve you as best as possible. We can't be held responsible for delays or non completion of jobs caused by circumstances outside of our control i.e. weather, major traffic delay, customer delays, accidents etc. If this happens we will contact you immediately and aim to deliver at the earliest possible time. You may incur additional charges if the driver has to pay for parking while loading / unloading or waiting. Terms & Conditions: 1. Our price are based on the inventory items listed by you in the listing provided, Extra items, that are not listed in description, will occur extra charge of £150 per cubic meter if space and weight are available on the van. Please notify us about any extra items, which are not listed before you accept our quote to avoid unexpected charges. If your listing contains un-calculated number of items, (e.q. "Boxes", "Bags", "Suitcases", etc) we fairly count this as 5-8 boxes approx 50 x 50 x 50 cms weighing no more than 25kg each or bags, 2-3 suitcases or similar all of regular size and weight. Any items more then this will be charged extra. 2.We also reserve the right to limit the amount of goods to the amount quoted in the booking. 3. Waiting time: at pick-up/drop-off location, if the person is not at home or have not made arrangements for us to load/unload then after 10 minutes waiting this will incur charges of £0.50 per minute (max £200 per day) to cover our van time and loss of possible work, should we have to wait overnight then our hotel/food expenses must also be covered by the customer 4.It is customers responsibility to make sure our vans will have parking available at all the collection points and drops. Any parking permits and fines will have to be paid by the customer. 5. All our quotes are based on "ground-to-ground" floor jobs. Please inform us if flats and what floors ( inc lifts available or stairs) before you accept our quote. We will not always impose charges for the floor level depending on the size and weight of the items. By informing us prior to quote acceptance, you will avoid unexpected charges.
6. Quote is only for loading/unloading items in each room. If you require dismantling and reassemble that will be extra, same for the packing services. 7.If a job is cancelled on short notice (within 48 hours of arranged time) a 30% cancellation fee will be incurred. 8. We are not responsible for any paperwork/Taxes due by customs for the transportation of your goods. It is totally the customers responsibility to do this themselves, any delays due to incorrect paperwork then the same conditions as rule number 3 will apply. 9. We operate 8 vehicles, we also work alongside other companies to ensure the best possible service as we cannot always do the work ourselves. All sub contracted companies will work to our rule above. Some drivers are not fluent in English. 10. All weighbridge fees are the responsibility of the customer, repeat weighing until the weight is correct again is the customers responsibility. 10. Payment terms are a deposit to book the job then the balance of the job on collection unless otherwise agreed by us. By accepting our quote you agree to our Terms & Conditions.

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