Verified Provider
what do these mean?

What I offer you here is my best! All the time! Every time!
Usually there are two of us so no assistance is required at either end. On those times when there is only one I will state that assistance may be needed and I will adjust the quote accordingly.
I have been described recently by a customer as ‘a cheerful old school gent ‘
I love that, it describes me and the service I offer to a tee.
Good old fashioned values!
Please note that I do not sit on the internet all day bidding for work.
I state the price which I can afford to do it for and I'm afraid...that’s it!
Your goods will be blanket wrapped and strapped when necessary and we never ever just dump it on the front lawn in the rain (I’ve heard that happens)
Also I will always try to collect and deliver the same day, again, if that is not possible then I have warm, dry, secure storage when necessary.
We make sure whenever possible that your delivery is placed as you want it, where you want it, if that means upstairs then so be it, we might joke a little, but we will still do it… and with a smile…..THAT'S WHO WE ARE !!
We look forward to seeing you.

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