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what do these mean?

If a job does not have pick up dates or delivery dates set in main page we will assum that you have some flexerbilty in pick up and delivery
In this case collection will be within 1-7 working days and 1-7 working days from colllection date for delivery

Once you have confirmed are bid and accepted we will make contact with you with 1 working day withing a 24 hour time scale
after this point you maye drop us a text to be kept up to date but please rember we are delivery drivers and not a call centre and will not be able to answer every call as we will be driving so text and we will make contact with you when its safe and legal to do so are working hours are from 7am-10:30pm and for taking calls 9am to 5pm if we are able to take the call otherwise drop a text as we may not get voicemails

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