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We are a family company with 5 years of experience in international transport. We have 13 delivery cars different sizes in order to meet clients' requirements. We are prepared to transport fragile goods. We have 20 blankets on every truck in order to carefully protect your load. We also provide removal service. If the load is heavy, we can provide two persons for additional charge. We are flexible about dates.
1. Our Good in Transit Insurance covers up to €200.000 (including furnitures, RTV, AGD, cars and more).
2. Fuel, ferry fees, transit insurence are included in the price of our offer.
3. During summer time (April - October) we also provide a car trailer.
4. Client shall provide an inventory list, approximate size and weight of freight.
5. Before loading a freight we check with our client if the load is not damaged. We also make PHOTOGRAPHIC DOCUMENTATION. Since then my company is responsible for your freight. During the unload photographic documentation is done again in order to provide the highest quality of service.
6. You will be informed if there were any delays due to bad weather conditions, ferry lags or any random breakdown.
7. If you decide to have individual transport, we can seal the truck. On delivery our client will break the seal - you have a warranty that nobody had access to your freight.
8. We prefer to be paid in cash but we also accept bank transfers.

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