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The freight forwarding industry has been hit particularly hard over the past 3 years. IATA has estimated that the worldwide volume of air freight declined by approximately 20% over this period, whilst European roadfreight has experienced a similar decline.

Fortunately for us, we have niche markets. Our daily trailer service to Holland & Belgium is always in demand, as we can offer an express service at groupage prices.

Also the fact that we are on call 24/7 means that we are always in demand for urgent airfreight shipments.

Another niche is Gibraltar. We have been providing a daily air courier service for many years, but due to demand have now introduced a weekly road freight service.

Whilst the past year has been challenging, I believe the main reason why we have been able to ride the global economic downturn, is that we can offer services which cannot be matched by the large integrated carriers. We are a family run business which is small enough to treat all our customers with personal care & attention, whilst large enough to organise a 1 kg parcel to Hong Kong or a 20 tonne turbine to Norway.

We can also offer value for money. Unlike many of the other transport companies who offer international services, we actually run the trailers to Holland & Gibraltar, we have accounts with all the major airlines and we complete our own customs clearances at both Heathrow & Gatwick.

We are trying to get the message out to all UK businesses, that they can save money by cutting out unnecessary middle men, whislt improving the service.

You can't argue with that!

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