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We are a Specialist Haulage company from North Wales working throughout the UK with an enthusiastic, Second to none professional team who are looking forward to taking care of all your hiab Lorry Loader lifting and haulage requirements wether its a boat or a pallet we can take care of your Goods
We are a well-established company with a great reputation in the North West area steadily flowing throughout the country.
With a pay load of 10,000kg we boast we can carry what we can lift the crane with a reach horizontally of 16,30 mtrs can lift 2450kg and at 5mtrs can handle 10,000kg quite comfortably and vertically can place 5000kg at 25mtrs.
We over the past 10 years have specialised in the transport of watercraft of all shapes and sizes though we have a strict HEIGHT LIMIT OF 12 FEET from the bottom most point of any vessel to the top most point being able to lift up to a 32/34 ft boat from the water deliver it to your destination and place it back in the water for you or on to the hard standing having moved an array of vessels throughout the UK to and from water to storage facilities,yards,camp sites,on to trailers and in and out of peoples Gardens etc we can also assist in the unstep and restep of the mast

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