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I am an ex HGV1 and PCV British and European driver and have driven many miles in Europe. I was an MOD aircraft crash Fire fighter Driver for twenty years. I was then a Coach driver for four years Then back to The MOD as a driver of all things great and small from a corsa to a 60ft artic includeing driveing dignatories and station VIP's about the country and the station and emergency spares for aircraft and helecopters bound for all corners of the world
I have a black Volvo V70 used for small and urgent loads.
I also use it for towing up to it's maximum capacity of 1900kg.
If caravans contain items which would take them over my towing limit I will ask for the excess to be taken by the customer in thier car to keep things legal. That does not often happen The same applies to boats and dinghy's. Whilst I know it is not ideal and we would not normally want to haveing been a caravanner for 40 years plus I can mend most things mechanical around caravans and certainly the running gear and lights and when towing I always take the apprpriate tools with me just in case. I also expect the owners to supply security equipment for caravans and trailers where possible. especially the through wheel types that are used on the caravans with alloy wheels on them. I do not take on oversized twin axle European/American caravans due to all the problems that go with them in being over width and over length.
I always work on my own and so try not to take on large jobs unless I am told there is someone at each end to help load and unload.
I am self employed.
I prefer to do tasks on a same day or at worst only have things one or two days as I don't do storage at this time.
I try to do jobs at a price that is fair to customers so I will not always be the cheapest but I will try to be the best for any job I bid for.
I don't set routes I go where the work takes me

Any bank transfers done if at all possible on the day before due to problems in the past. The few spoil it for the majority.Otherwise cash is prefered

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