I am a one man, owner driver. 35 years of driving experience including 9 years courier driving. I am new to this site so excuse the ratings.
I operate a dedicated same day service which means when collected your items come straight to you regardless of the location. This ensures you get them faster and most importantly as the booking is yours and only yours it will only be your items on the van. This is not necessarily the cheapest but is totally unbeatable with safety and speed.
I will communicate every step of the way and will inform you if sometimes I get delayed.
I am fully insured with H and R and carry £10,000 GIT insurance.
My concerns are for your property regardless of its value. I am aware that even though an item is of low monetary value it may be priceless to you.
I will collect usually within 3 days of booking and you will have communication with me within one hour of booking. My experience has taught me that communication is paramount. I look forward to being of service and can offer my guarantee that your items will be in safe hands. 40% of my work is repeat business as I have developed this service over quite a few years.

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