An independent European Courier and Express Freight service, based in Carmarthenshire South Wales.

Providing a personal service to all of its customers, who can talk directly to a known point of contact without having to contact call centres or having reference numbers and endless call forwarding. As an independent overheads are lower and as a result provides a competitively priced service,
without cutting the quality of service.

Always strives to provide the best service and value for money, consignments are never sub contracted to a third party, as a result customers can talk directly to the driver of the vehicle delivering their consignment.

Excels in meeting even the most demanding of time critical challenges. Extensive experience has built the skills and foresight needed to deal with exacting time critical delivery requirements. With experience of making deliveries to 27 countries, wherever your consignments are destined for, you can rely on them getting there on time.
Always proactive and never reactive, the company will always provide a personally tailored solution to its customers time critical delivery needs.

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