We are new to "deliveryquotecompare" but are well established. We are a husband and wife team with 3 years courier experience - we enjoy doing, what we have promised to do. We operate a single crew Long Wheel Base Transit with Super High Top.

We are experienced in moving furniture carefully but are willing to move anything with the same care.

We are old fashioned in so far as, we worry more about the possibilty of letting someone down, than anything else. We do not sub-contract work to other couriers, as a rule, and would only do so with your prior permission, when absolutely unavoidable.

We enjoy what we do and believe that it should be a pleasant and enjoyable experience for you, too - that is our single aim and focus. We are not always the cheapest but we are always competitive, offering good value.

This is what we do: 1) We are Insured properly as Couriers, not Light Hauliers 2) We Blanket wrap using soft, strong professional hand ties, we do not use ratchets which can bruise items 3) We keep in constant touch and do not avoid communication, if there is a problem. We usually exceed expectations but if we have to, we deliver bad news early, such as severe delay due to weather, serious road accident or a problem with collection.

We are directly accountable and available, via mobile or email.

We wish you success with your bidding and hope to serve you one day.

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