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Hi my name is Daniel and I’m he owner and operator.

We will be up and running by the end of August 2020 as I’m just awaiting completion of my trailer.

Transport will be carried out with a Volkswagen Touareg 3.0v6 tdi.

The trailer is a 16ft x 7ft widebody open single car transporter featuring hydraulic tilt, 8ft loading ramps, triple axles, manual winch and a 2.5 ton payload capacity as will as a fully filled flatbed floor to allow carriage of motorcycles and atv’s amongst other cargo.

My vehicle has £35k GIT vehicle insurance aswell as £35k cover on my traders policy so from loading to unloading from the second I take charge of your car it is insured. My towing vehicle is also fully tachograph compliant as required by law ensuring that my insurance won’t be invalidated during transit and that there is no risk of my vehicles or load being seized at any dvsa checkpoints which is a gamble some take by not installing tachographs.

I offer competitive rates for transport across U.K. and Europe.

I look forward to meeting and dealing with all my customers and I aim to offer you the best service you shall ever receive.

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