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I’m fairly new to courier work, having been a HGV driver for many years, I decided to try something new. I don’t solely get work from this site, I use it as extra along with work for other companies I do logistics for.I do work alone so I’ll need assistance with heavy items so please be sure that this is available on both collection and delivery if you state it’s a 1 person job but you can help, else the job will have to be aborted. I’ve noticed from other courier services on this site that they will collect many items from around the country and have the vehicle fully loaded ready for delivery all in one go. Yes, you’ll get a cheaper price, but if you read the feedback of these companies, it can end in disaster with damaged goods on board. I tend to go with a more personal service, by means of collection and delivery of one item at a time, as not to overload which can cause damage to property which doesn’t belong to myself. I try and be honest and fair on quotes. Obviously I’m a sole trader in business so I am going to try and make some profit, it’s my job. We all go to work to take a salary home at the end of the day. I look forward to providing a professional service with you.

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