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is a professional logistics brokerage company with a global reach and international appeal. Our years of logistics experience has taught us that not all solutions were made equal and that is why we have created numerous options that businesses can choose from that best suits their needs: we offer an international courier service with integrated multimodal shipping options, including air, sea, and road, for managed transportation solutions; we offer a customs brokerage service for when you are looking to expand your business and import/export products across international borders; and we offer procurement services for when you need to source local and international goods, services and works at the best possible price. Logistics handles different types of shipment of various unique organizations from different industries e.g. Education, Medicals, Telecommunication, Oilfield, Energy, Marine, Construction Renewable Energy, transportation, Power, Mining & Agriculture.

This holistic approach means we can offer our customers a broad range of business solutions that transcend borders for a truly global appeal.


1. Express Parcel Delivery: Our express courier service is an expedited delivery service available to our customers. Through our partnerships with well—respected and reputable international courier provider DHL, we can offer our customers a wide range of express parcel and package delivery services that meet the tightest of deadlines, with deliveries around the world in as little as 1 to 3 days.

our express courier is power by DHL, to ensure we offer a cost-effective and efficient parcel delivery service. However, our prices are greatly competitive, as opposed to going to other couriers. To read more...

2. Air Freight Service: Airfreight is an essential offering for any international logistics company. It’s fast, it’s reliable, it’s secure and it’s efficient and offers the customer both delivery choice and flexibility.

we are always striving for better; better delivery options, better pricing, better value for money. We only work with the best and most reputable global airlines that share our passion and our vision. Our dedicated ‘behind-the-scenes’ teamwork tirelessly renegotiating options, including pricing. This enables us to adapt and meet the changing needs of our clients without compromising on the quality of the service.

we have access to regular freight schedule to worldwide destination and operate a weekly scheduled consoles service to selected countries. To read more...

3. Sea Freight Service: Sea freight is one of the longest established forms of transporting goods globally and it’s also one of the most economical, reliable and dependable. If you’re a large company looking to ship high volumes of commercial goods or you’re an individual looking to ship personal goods, sea freight is a viable and cost-effective option.

We offer you the added advantage of simplifying your transportation needs whilst maximizing routing and transit options and with our door-to-door service, we can streamline your freight transportation from booking right through to delivery and, through our reliable partnerships, we can move your freight across oceans safely and securely using a range of sea freight transportation options, for almost any size of shipment. To read more...

4. Customs Clearance Brokerage: offers customs brokerage services; this means we can help you to import and export your products across international borders. With our vast customs brokerage experience, we are able to offer our customers’ supply chain solutions that give you reliable and timely global coverage. We can also provide international trade guidelines, offer advice and build import and export solutions around your business’s goals and objectives making for smoother and easier transportation of your products. To read more...

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