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About Us
We provide a 24/7 service with 2 men for all types of deliveries and removals all over the UK. The delivery will be on the same day.
We are a team of friendly professionals with great feedback from customers.
We have a modern navigation system in our vans and we will cover your goods with blankets and ensure they are securely strapped to prevent any damage during transportation.


To ensure we can offer you the right quote and best possible service please provide following information:

1) A full list and description of the items for collection.
2) The floor number (flights of stairs/lift) at both the collection address and the delivery address.
3) Parking issues
4) Is dismantling/assembling required? (there will be an extra charge)
-Wardrobe, Bookshelf, Sideboard, Chest of drawers (£25-£50/£25-£50 for dismantling/assembling)
-Bed (£15-£50/£15-£50 for dismantling/assembling)
-Table (£15-£50/£15-£50 for dismantling/assembling)
-Desk (£15-£50/£15-£50 for dismantling/assembling)
-Other items (£10-£150/£10-£150 for dismantling/assembling)
After accepting the quote, please send us on email Photo of item (s) that has/have to be dismantled or/and assembled.

Please confirm your collection and delivery availability with us before accepting our quote.

Terms and conditions:

1) Extra charges may apply if the actual amount of items on the day of pick-up exceeds the number of items that were included in the original quote. If you underestimate the amount of your items we have the right to charge more.

2) If floor level is not stated extra charges might be incurred.

3) Waiting time exceed 30 minutes at collection/delivery address is charged £20 for every 30 minutes.

4) If an item cannot be removed without breaking/damaging it, we can refuse to transport it without affecting the initial quote.

5) Our quote is for one trip only (if the numbers of items exceed your initial estimation we can do the additional trip if we have availability and you will be extra accordingly).

6) All jobs can be canceled/postponed free of charge with more than 48 hours before the agreed date of the job. However, if cancellation occurs less than 48 hours before the agreed date, a charge of 50% of the original price will be applied.

7) Additional charges might occur if the road or drive is unsuitable for our vehicles to load and/or unload within 25 meters of the doorway.

8) It is the customer's responsibility to make sure our removal vans will have space to park or you will incur the parking cost. Any parking fines will have to be paid by the customer.

9) Only the transport manager from the head office can ask and give a price for extra charges.

10) For good in transit insurance to be valid you have to provide us with a valued inventory list in accordance with reality. If you don't have the list we assume you don't need items to be insured.
You agree to examine the goods carefully and must tell us about any loss or damage to the goods before the removal team leave delivery address. Any subsequent application will not be considered.

11) Please note that we might take other jobs on board unless you have paid for an exclusive van.

12) Please note that packing materials and packing service are not included in the quote.

Prices for (packing/unpacking services):
- £5 / only for box (without packing/unpacking)
- £5 / box (small or medium) only for packing (your box)
- £10 / box (small and medium) including packing and unpacking
- £15 / wardrobe box

By accepting our quote you agree to our Terms & Conditions above.

Offices hours (Not including the drivers, they work 24/7)
Mon - Fri: 8 AM - 6 PM
Sat - Sun: email inquiries only

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