Verified Provider
Accredited Provider
what do these mean?

We are an accredited and recommended transport provider on Delivery Compare.


* If you cancelled the job same day you have to pay cancelled fee 50%.

* Please confirm your date and time BEFORE accepting our bid.

* We are NOT provide insurance any items NOT proper packing, eg: glass furniture.

* All damages must be advised on delivery otherwise insurers will not accept a claim.

* Passenger can travel the van with us but our insurance not cover to passenger carry.

* We accept cash payment only, if different payment method please ask BEFORE book the job.

* All balance will be paid BEFORE delivery.

* If any extra items will be charge extra. 2 to 3 boxes/ bags no problem. please make sure all boxes/ bags/ suitcases NO more
than 20 kg.

* All big furniture will be dismantled and ready our men arrive at your collection point.

* We reserve the right to take other jobs on board unless the customer booked us only for their job.

*Please do read the feedback that has been left for us by other happy customers.

Many thanks

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