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Hi, Whether it's a single item, a full house or a complete business relocation, we can create logistics solutions to meet your every need.
We are based in Risca, South Wales but all of our services are available anywhere in the UK:
Single Items
Overnight Deliveries
Business Relocation
eBay Items

We are fully insured in the UK for Removals and Light Haulage up to £10,000.

By accepting our quote you agree to the following terms and Conditions:

Our quote is for the items listed only. If there are any more items than stated we will have to charge an additional premium. Our quote is for ground floor pick-up and delivery during a time that suits both parties (mover and sender) so if you have dates in mind then please make us aware before accepting our quote. Please advise us in advance if there are any obstacles we would need to overcome (stairs, parking issues, use of lifts or anything that would slow down the process of a kerbside delivery) and we can then adjust the price accordingly. If we aren't informed of any of these issues there will be an additional charge. As per our insurance, items must be packaged correctly before transport and anything of high value must be declared before transport commences. After the initial deposit is made the remaining balance is to be made via bank transfer beforehand or cash on completion of the job.
If you cancel/postpone there will be an admin fee determined by the notice you give us.
The fees are a percentage of the outstanding balance and are as follows:
No fee for over 10 working days notice.
30% fee for between 5-10 working days notice.
60% fee for under 5 working days notice.
75% fee for under 24 hours notice.
100% fee for cancellation on the day or after work has started.

Kind Regards, Nick.

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