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Our Courier Services

No matter how big or heavy item you got, we can transport it!
From a small box through a bike, table or a sofa, we can help!

Not Packed/ Protected Goods

While we strongly recommend you to pack your goods before collection,
we understand sometimes this might be out of your control.
Unlike most of the courier companies, we wont just send you away!
We will do the job with the greatest care and attention.

*Please note, our insurance does not cover unpacked goods transportation.

Extra Large Goods

We are specialists in extra large goods transportation.
Anything that can fit in our large vans is welcome!

*Please note, we operate one man with a van,
so help would be needed on both ends for any bulky items!

Outside Working Hours

We can collect/deliver outside normal working hours. NO extra charge apply!
We understand that you have a job, so we can come whenever you get home.

*Please note, it might take longer to complete the job!

Weekend Collection/ Delivery

We understand that you might not be available during the week days, so
we can collect/deliver during the weekends. NO extra charge apply!

*Please note, it might take longer to complete the job!

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