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Hello and thank you for your interest. We are a friendly, reliable courier service covering the UK.
We offer a dedicated service to all customers as we pride ourselves on providing an elite service at an extremely reasonable cost.
Our operations is orchestrated by covering a pre routed schedule on a daily basis collecting and delivering and we primarily bid on listings which state a flexible time frame.
Therefore, please advise before accepting our quote if any site is a place of business as there would be a pre requisition on the flexibility of collection / delivering times and we must factor this into the route.
Our quotes are based on space availability and your listing description must be as exact as possible, we have the right to cancell accepted quotes; which have had, after quote acceptance or quote placed, a change with addresses, number and size of items initially advised. We only do ground floor to ground floor, please bare this in mind before you accept our quote. All offers placed are for MAN and VAN ONLY, if a 2 or more men service is required it MUST be agreed on during communication and before accepting quote offered.
We provide up to 24 hours notice of collection/delivery. We ask that the day of collection/delivery is left flexible as ETA on the day, would be advised 90 60 30 minutes away, so no sitting in all day. Delivery is generally 5 - 14 days of collecting. If jobs do run over the driver may attend first thing next morning.
We cannot be held responsible for delays or non completion of jobs caused by circumstances outside of our control i.e. weather, major traffic delay, customer delays, accidents etc. If this happens we will contact you immediately and aim to collect / deliver at the next earliest possible time.
If jobs do run over the driver may attend first thing next morning.
Payment methods are Cash on collection / delivery.
Please view our customer feedback to ease any concerns/doubts you may have.

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