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We offer in-water, skipper delivery contract. According to this portal rules, we have to put All-Inclusive Price, however we can change some points later, or agree different salary for different scope of work, if you wish (for example daily rate, or cost without fuel).

To deliver your yacht on time, safe and in good condition she has to:
- be seaworthy and technically prepared for planed voyage
- has all documents in date:
- Registration Certificate,
- Proof of VAT status,
- Ship's radio licence
- Insurance valid for intended cruising area including adequate third party cover (we'll contact Insurance company to agree some details and add a skipper name)
- has all safety equipment on board with actual certificates
- has engine in good condition
We pay for regular delivery expenses, like:
Captain, Mate and crew salary, fuel, water, food, port's fee, customs, emigration or local authorities fees, canal's fee, bad weather stops, repair stops up to 1 day, pre-delivery survey, post delivery cleaning, air tickets, travel to your ship and back from destination, charts with latest updates if not on board, nautical almanacs, post-delivery technical report, etc.

Unexpected Repair Expenses
We can make only small repairs during delivery. If engine or sails or any other part of boat need to be repaired according to safety reasons we have to stop and you have to pay for that, otherwise we can not continue delivery. All expenses need to be approved by you. Refund only against invoices. Delay due to repairs cost 100euro/day. In case when repair can not be done within 3 days we have right to terminate contract.

Our skippers deliver yachts from any location to the destination of your choice, in excellent condition, just ready to be sailed. Among us are many captains with over 40 years of experience regarding sailing on seas and oceans. We’ve sailed on may different types of yachts, form small boats to Tall Ships.

Our Aims:
The goal is working so that all yachts are delivered on time, and each transaction is clearly handled. We want our prices to be reasonable, matched to the possibilities of our clients, and above all: for yacht transfers to always be safe, handled with care, quickly and professionally.

We issue VAT invoice
10% 14 days before delivery.
50% At the day when delivery starts
40% At the day when yacht is at destination port.

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