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We provide a variety of quality parcel delivery services delivered through the networks of the top global carriers including DHL, UPS and TNT. We deliver to over 220 countries and territories worldwide and offer reduced-price import services into the UK from over 180 international destinations. Due to the massive volume of parcels we move with our carriers, we can offer you savings of up to 70% off their standard prices. Booking your delivery through us, means you will receive exactly the same service as you would if booking through the carrier directly - the only difference is the price!

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Also known as Wooden Crates or Timber crates, ideal for transporting substantial weights or particularly delicate products which require robust protection. Commonly used where things are being shipped abroad by sea and are strong enough for you to be confident that your product will get to the destination safe. The wood in timber cases are sourced from sustainable sources and are ISPM15 compliant, meaning it has been heat treated to comply with international import and export regulations.

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