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Matching you with UK & european loads when returning back to base

If you’re looking for return loads in order to keep your vehicles running full when returning back from a job then register today with, the UKs leading freight load matching system.

  • Don't run empty - bid on jobs and find return loads for your vehicles
  • Increase profitability by filling your spare capacity with backloads
  • Free to join and no monthly fees
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  • Low success fee on accepted bid
  • Start today - register now and start bidding on back loads today is a cost effective freight exchange solution for haulage companies and van drivers searching for return loads throughout the UK and Europe. The success of the site lies in its simplicity: a transport provider searching for additional freight loads can register for free and use the sites advanced load matching system to locate a wide range of return loads (including both part and full loads) which they can then bid on for free, and with thousands of live loads listed each month we are one of the UKs most active freight exchanges for transporters looking to keep their vehicles fully loaded.

The leading online freight exchange for UK return loads

Online since 2009 links individuals and companies looking to move freight with courier and haulage companies looking for UK return loads when heading back to base. This is how it works: A customer or company loads details on the items they need to transport; once uploaded details of the job becomes available to registered members who can then submit bids to the customer to fulfil the job; if a customer accepts a bid they pay a small deposit to book the job and then their contact details and those of the member are exchanged so that they can liaise together in order to collect the load and fulfil the job.

Registering and bidding on return loads is entirely free of charge for the freight provider; the only fee charged is a small success fee if the members bid for transporting the load is accepted. This is collected by retaining the deposit payment paid by the customer in order to book the job and is calculated as a percentage of the backloads bid amount submitted by the member. This amount is shown to the member prior to them submitting a bid for the return load so that they know up front what the cost will be if they win any of the back loads; once a bid has been accepted it is the responsibility of the transporter and the customer to arrange the loading and fulfilment of the job. So whether you’re looking for return loads from Scotland or a back load of freight from Ireland to the UK we can help keep your vehicles operating fully loaded at next to zero cost wherever you’re returning from.

Load matching throughout the UK and Europe

In addition to UK return loads registered members can search for back loads throughout Europe: from France to Spain, Italy and Germany. Using our advanced route search transporters can secure back loads from whichever country they are returning from. Simply enter a starting and return country & location and a maximum number of miles off the route that you would like to search for and the system will find all the matching back loads which you can then bid on to ensure that you return back fully loaded.

Winning back loads based on the service provided

When a customer accepts a transporters back load bid and the job is fulfilled the customer is encouraged to submit feedback on the member. This enables the member to build up a profile which if positive results in the acquisition of more back loads. The members feedback is displayed when a bid for the back load is submitted and is also shown on the members unique profile page alongside pertinent information relating to that member such as the level of insurance they provide, how long they have been trading, the services they provide and any trade associations they are members of. This enables a member to promote their services when bidding on the available return loads.

Haulage and van return loads

Whether you’re a multi fleet haulage operator or a single van owner driver can help you find the right back loads to keep your vehicles returning full. Whatever your route, if you are looking for return loads to increase profits we provide a simple, cost effective solution. Register today, bid for free on potential return loads and only pay for the work secured.

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