The Costs of Moving to Spain

Moving from the UK

If you’re looking for companies offering to move you, your family and your belongings to Spain you’re not alone. Over the last 20 years Spain has become increasingly popular with many foreign nationals, in particular the British, with over 400,000 choosing Spain as their new home.

If you too are planning to relocate to Spain, one of the first things you’ll need to organise is finding a company offering a professional removals to Spain moving service. Our brief guide is designed to help you understand the different types of service offered and be clear what is included when arranging your UK to Spain move.

Booking the right company

To ensure a pain free move to Spain, whether you’re planning to retire in the sunshine, are relocating for work, or moving for a better lifestyle for you and your family, it is imperative that you choose a removal company able to offer expert guidance on the different type of removal services available to Spain.

By entering the details of your move into Delivery Quote Compare, your request will be seen by hundreds of customer rated companies experienced in carrying out removals to Spain and all it's popular regions. These companies may not be local to where you are in the UK, but having knowledge and expertise in carrying out removals abroad is more important when it comes to choosing the right company.

Part load services to Spain

A part load moving service to Spain allows you to share a vehicle with other customers who also need goods moving from the UK to Spain. Your household items will be packed on a date agreed and transported to an international warehouse, where they will be consolidated onto a European vehicle destined for Spain, or you can prepare the boxes of goods yourself and the company will advise you when they will collect from you.

As you are sharing vehicle capacity with others, you may have to be a little flexible on collection and arrival times, but this is by far the cheapest type of Spanish removal. Removers often have regular lorries departing to and arriving from Spain, so if you can get your items included on a vehicle with others via Delivery Quote Compare, it will save you money.

Direct load removals

If you select a direct load service for your move to Spain, your household goods will be packed at your home and loaded into a dedicated vehicle heading direct to your final destination. If you are moving the whole family to Spain and have a lot of household effects, this may be the level of service you need. This is because it is totally flexible and the work can be scheduled to your timescales, so the removers arrive at your new home when you want them to, making for a smooth removal process.

Access to your Spanish property

Moving to Spain can be quite straight forward, however once in Spain the logistics need to be carefully planned. If you are moving to the town, rather than the country, be aware of potential difficulties with access. Narrow streets, parking restrictions and apartment blocks can all pose their own particular problems when unloading.

If there are difficulties accessing your property, a company with experience in removals to Spain should be able to arrange specialist equipment including hoists to access apartments and smaller vehicles to act as shuttles if the large removals lorry can’t get down those narrow Spanish country lanes. Ensure that you discuss this with the removals company before your worldly goods are on their way to Spain, as it could lead to extra costs and lost time.

Spain removals - check list of services

Whichever company you choose to carry your removals to Spain, bear in mind the following
   Are they experienced with export packing?
   Can they provide Spanish storage facilities?
   Can they provide flexible transport to areas where access maybe restricted?
   Are they familiar with the region of Spain you are moving to?
   What insurance cover do they offer?

You can look at the company profiles of all the firms quoting for Spain removals by looking at their profile page on Delivery Quote Compare. That way you can check insurance details and read about experiences other customers have had with them when organising their own Spain removals.

At we match your quote request against hundreds of companies specialising in removals to Spain to ensure that you get the very best price. If you require a quote for moving to Spain from the UK, enter your details here.

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