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Piano removals require special consideration because of the complexity involved in moving highly delicate objects such as pianos. Companies that specialise in piano moving have the skills, experience and tools to make the move trouble free, which is why we always recommend using a specialist piano removals company. Trying to move a piano yourself with your friends risks damage to the piano, your house and not mention hurt backs!

London, Glasgow, Manchester, Nationwide?

Whether you’re arranging a piano removal in London from one flat to another, or need a baby grand piano moving from Glasgow to Manchester, Surrey or Kent and carried out quickly, we will help you get it all sorted, using nationwide professional piano movers.

Piano removals is a highly skilled job so it's essential to use a "safe pair of hands"! In some areas of the UK these companies are few and far between, but instead of spending time and effort searching for a professional near you, let Delivery Quote Compare do the work for you.

All you have to do is enter the details about your piano on our website including where you want to move it from and to, any particularities about the places such as stairwells, steps or lifts involved and, if possible, a picture of the piano to make it easier for the piano removers to quote.

Your request is then posted on our website that is checked daily by companies offering piano removals and they will run through your details to be able to give an accurate quote for the job. All piano removals quotes are free for you to receive and you don’t need to accept any of them.

Preparing your piano for removal

Once you’ve accepted a quote, it’s time to get your piano ready for removal. The most important thing is to close the keyboard lid and lock it. Depending on what sort of piano you’ve got, you will then need to break it down. Before moving a baby grand or grand piano, you should make sure the three legs are removed.

Then it’s time to wrap the piano safely in protective plastic coating and using blankets. Both upright and grand pianos should be transported on their ends rather than sides, as this avoids damage to the cast iron harp holding the strings.

Let the piano movers take the strain

One the day of the piano move, make sure you’ve cleared access around the piano. The numbers of people needed to move your piano will depend on its weight (and as any piano owner will know, they are really heavy) and the route it’ll need to take to get loaded into the van.

Removers will come equipped with heavy-duty trolley-type gadgets called ‘dollies’ to facilitate the moving of your piano. Using these along with skid boards, your piano will slowly but surely make its way to the van, which will be equipped with ramps and inclines for getting it into the van.

The main thing to remember when moving an upright piano is to pay attention to the legs. These are really quite fragile and shouldn’t be used to roll the piano along (and the same applies to a grand piano where the legs should be removed), as rolling a piano can easily gouge a wooden floor. Removers should also be careful tipping up the piano as the weight, which is mainly in the metal string section, can lead the piano to topple backwards.

Once in the van, an upright piano should be loaded with the keyboard facing the wall of the van, whilst a grand piano on it’s side should be orientated with the padded lid towards the side of the truck.

Again, all this goes to show that piano removals should be left to the experts, as it really is a skilled job that needs specific equipment too.

Your piano in it's new home

Once your piano arrives at its destination, you should consider where you want to piano to go. Drafty areas and cold areas should be avoided, as should places next to heat sources such as radiators or fires, because these could all cause warping in the piano.

Don’t forget to arrange for the piano to be re-tuned, as not matter how careful the team was during your piano move, things will have moved and need adjusting.

Piano removals insurance

One final piece of advice is to check that the piano removals company has sufficient liability insurance; if not most movers will be happy to increase the level of cover for a small additional fee.

At we can provide you with FREE quotes from a selection of professional, and approved piano movers who will transport your piano to any range of UK destinations such as London, Glasgow, Manchester, Edinburgh, Liverpool, Leeds, Newcastle, Surrey, Kent, etc.



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