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If you are moving abroad, need to relocate for work or just fancy a change of lifestyle, moving overseas is a big step which will require the services of an experienced international removals company in order to help you prepare and plan your move.

To avoid any unexpected pitfalls it is essential that you allow plenty of time for planning and organising. Moving house is stressful at the best of times; moving abroad even more so, which is why we recommend that you start looking for suitable international movers at least two to three months in advance of your planned move.

Getting quotes for overseas removals

The easiest way to get accurate and detailed quotes for overseas removals is to enter the details of your planned move on our website by clicking the Get Quotes button. Simply enter details on your household contents, the collection address and the international destination and then let us do the hard work for you.

Having hundreds of overseas and international movers registered on means that you can get on with planning your move abroad whilst the quotes come in. That way, you can compare the services and the prices offered by all of the removal companies in order to find the one that best suits your needs and budget.

Choosing the right service when moving abroad

When we refer to moving abroad, or moving internationally, we’re talking about a long distance move to another continent and there are basically three methods of transport for getting your worldly goods moved from one continent to another: by ship, by plane or by road. Rates for overseas removals by these methods will vary enormously depending on the quantity of household items you need to move, the international destination, the urgency of your move and budget.

International removals by ship are the cheapest way of moving abroad, but it is also the longest. Your household goods will be packed in cartons and crates and then into a secure steel container before being loaded onto a ship. Delivery to destinations such as Australia or New Zealand can typically take around five to seven weeks if you have a container exclusively for your goods. Heading to the United States can take between two to four weeks by this method.

If you need to move abroad quickly then air freight is perhaps the best method. It can also be the best option if your new home is inland and a long way from a sea port. Your belongings will be packed on airline pallets and transported as cargo, with delivery time typically between seven to 14 days for most international destinations.

Ex-Pats moving to mainland European countries will find that their move can be covered by sea services, but for landlocked countries or ones closer the UK, international movers may recommend transport by road trailer as the most cost effective method.

Comparing the cost of an international relocation

Moving to the other side of the world isn’t going to be cheap. When moving internationally costs are calculated based on the volume of personal possessions you have, so to correctly assess the volume ensure that you complete our quotation form as accurately as possible, taking time to look at what you’ll be taking from each room including the attic, the shed and the garage.

International removals destinations are divided into zones, with international movers working on a price per cubic foot or metre. In general, the greater the volume of goods, the lower the price per cubic foot or metre is. All international movers registered on are experts in overseas removals and are best placed to advise you on volumetric costs according to each different international destination.

Things to remember when moving overseas

Relocating to an EU country means that the overseas removals quote will be subject to VAT. Moving to a destination outside of the European Community is exempt from VAT, but needs more planning and organisation.

A company experienced in international moves will be able to handle all the necessary paperwork regarding export customs formalities, any port charges, as well as customs and quarantine clearance. For example, moving abroad with all your household goods to Australia means they will have to spend time in quarantine and there may even be charges for steam cleaning or a quarantine examination. Certain items may also be subject to Goods and Services tax.

Each country will also have a list of prohibited items that can include things such as food, cash, jewellery, fireworks, gases and perishable goods which an overseas removals firm will not be able to carry. Other banned goods include plants, herbs, spices and even dried flowers.

A lot of the companies providing overseas and international removals on are members of FIDI, the International Furniture Movers Association, so, when you're seriously thinking of moving abroad, you can be assured of a professional, quality service.

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