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Listing summary

Storage Move

Job ref: 959855 Date listed: 01-10-2020
Bids: 2 (0 active) Lowest bid: £189.00


Collect from:

Ashington Northumberland NE63 8UJ United Kingdom

Deliver to:

Nottingham Nottingham NG2 3BH United Kingdom


Approx. 176 miles

Approximate moving date:


Listing description

Moving From
Property type: Storage
Packing services required: No
Moving To
Property type: Flat / House Share
Floor: Second Floor
Lift: Yes
Bid Amount Submitted Expires
speedyg (37) £189.00 01-10-2020 Lapsed
speedyg (37) £189.00 01-10-2020 Accepted


Question: Hi, what is being moved?
I have a man coming over from N.I on Monday, could be arranged for another day of course, but that's an indicator of how soon it can be done - speedyg (01-10-2020)
Response: my stuff are 5 boxes (medium) and 2 pillows in pillow cases. How much it will cost the transport from newcastle to nottingham?

Thank you in advance
Question: Just checking it is Newcastle in Northern Ireland?

Ferry is going to make the job a lot more pricey if so. I'd imagine it'll be around £350 - speedyg (01-10-2020)
Response: Newcastle in Upon Tyne (England)
Question: Ok, your post says Northern Ireland lol, not a clue how that happened. It'll be 150 from me mate. There will be a charge to the website which is the deposit - speedyg (01-10-2020)
Response: So, you can transport my stuff from Newcastle Upon Tyne to Nottingham?
Question: Yes - speedyg (01-10-2020)
Response: That is perfect. So what steps do i have to follow in order to book you? and it is possible to transport my stuff at 06/10/2020 after 16:00?
Question: I can do it Tuesday yes, I’d probably want to get it a bit earlier if poss.

If you accept the bid, you’ll have to pay the deposit/fee and we’d be able so exchange details then - speedyg (01-10-2020)
Response: The point is that i will be at home approximately at 15:30 because my flight is late
Question: I can collect Tuesday day time and deliver weds morn? - speedyg (01-10-2020)
Response: ok we can do that too but please if you can to be early in the morning because i have all my belongings there. so the price is 150 pounds?
Question: Can you just confirm you’re flying home to Nottingham on Tuesday afternoon?
I won’t meet you to collect will I?
I’ll arrange with someone to collect and meet you weds morning, before 9 probably - speedyg (01-10-2020)
Response: My stuff are stored at Ashington Removals & Storage in Newcastle upon tyne. I will inform the company about the date and the time that you collect my stuff. Also, i will give you my address in Nottingham. Is that ok for you? Also, can you tell me again the price?
Question: Yes perfect.
150 is my price. It’ll show as 189, to pay for the website fees/deposit - speedyg (02-10-2020)
Response: perfect i will transfer the money tonight. Thank youuu
Question: No worries. Once you’ve paid the deposit you’ll have my phone number etc.
Give me a text when it’s done and we can go from there :) - speedyg (02-10-2020)
Response: Hi, i just paid the deposit