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Listing summary

Storage Move

Job ref: 931937 Date listed: 23-07-2020
Bids: 12 (0 active) Lowest bid: £1,889.00


Collect from:

Leicester Leicestershire LE19 2BU United Kingdom

Deliver to:

San Miguel de Salinas Alicante 03193 Spain


Approx. 1383 miles

Approximate moving date:


Listing description

Moving From
Property type: Storage
Packing services required: No
Moving To
Property type: Storage
Bid Amount Submitted Expires
82transporteraa (63) £1,889.00 25-07-2020 Declined
82transporteraa (63) £1,890.00 23-07-2020 Replaced
ford69 (70) £1,890.00 25-07-2020 Declined
swift-move-spain (30) £1,890.00 25-07-2020 Accepted
nshah1 (48) £1,899.00 23-07-2020 Declined
swift-move-spain (30) £1,985.00 25-07-2020 Replaced
82transporteraa (63) £1,992.00 23-07-2020 Replaced
swift-move-spain (30) £2,085.00 25-07-2020 Replaced
michaell15 (53) £2,197.00 24-07-2020 Declined
slay3936 (26) £2,402.00 23-07-2020 Declined
ford69 (70) £2,453.00 23-07-2020 Declined
michaell15 (53) £2,658.00 23-07-2020 Replaced
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Question: Good Morning

How many items do you need moving and are there any items that require more than one person to manage.?

Ali - 82transporteraa (23-07-2020)
Response: Hi, there will be help a available. Amount approx single garage.
Question: Thanks,
A single garage that should fit into a LWB MERCEDES SPRSPRINTER , what do you think?

Also is there a date in mind? - 82transporteraa (23-07-2020)
Response: We have had a quote for an 18 cu mtre van for 15/12/2020. Can you quote?
Question: My van is approx 17 cu metres and could do it for just under £2000

Please share your thoughts on this - 82transporteraa (23-07-2020)
Response: No response yet
Question: Hi, We are based in Torrevieja, what do you need moving to San Miguel?
Regards David - swift-move-spain (25-07-2020)
Response: We are moving furniture from Leicester in uk to Blue lagoon, San Miquel de Salinas around 14/12/2020 we think we possibly need a 16 cub meter van. Can you quote?
Question: Hi, yes we can. Our team was in Blue Lagoon only yesterday, (had a quick lunch at the Royal Oak Pub when finished loading, excellent food when you move over) customer moving to near Monaco. I will quote now. David - swift-move-spain (25-07-2020)
Response: No response yet