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Listing summary

3 Bed House Move

Job ref: 802557 Date listed: 28-06-2019
Bids: 6 (0 active) Lowest bid: £905.00


Collect from:

Witney Oxfordshire OX United Kingdom

Deliver to:

Newport Pembrokeshire SA42 0NB United Kingdom



Approximate moving date:


Listing description

Moving From
Property type: 3 Bed House
Packing services required: No
Moving To
Property type: 4+ Bed House
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Lounge / Dining / Reception
Rugs: 4
3 seater sofas: 1
Hi-Fis: 1
Dining chairs: 4
Standard lamps: 3
Dining tables: 1
Bookcases: 2
Pictures (wall mounted): 10
Coffee / Ocassional tables: 1
Mirrors: 2
Display cabinets: 1
Computers: 1
Armchairs: 3
TVs: 1
Chest of drawers, medium: 2
Linen baskets: 2
Chest of drawers, large: 1
Cots: 1
Wardrobes (flat packed): 2
Bedside lamps: 2
Bedside tables: 2
King size beds: 1
Chest of drawers, small: 2
Kitchen & Miscellaneous
Ironing board: 1
Vacuum cleaner: 1
Dishwasher: 1
Washing machine: 1
Fridge freezer: 1
Microwave: 1
Garage / Shed & Outside Effects
Lawn mower, electric: 1
Bicycles: 2
Ladders: 1
Toolboxes: 4
Plants: 10
Hose & Reel: 1
Patio chairs: 2
Garden tools: 8
Patio tables: 1
Wheelbarrow: 1
Childrens toys: 3
Large: 25
Medium: 20
Small: 15
Bid Amount Submitted Expires
slay3936 (14) £905.00 29-06-2019 Declined
ford69 (33) £963.00 29-06-2019 Declined
ford69 (33) £999.00 29-06-2019 Replaced
eastmoves (38) £1,000.00 29-06-2019 Accepted
ford69 (33) £1,070.00 29-06-2019 Replaced
eastmoves (38) £1,400.00 28-06-2019 Replaced
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-4 x trained, polite and professional men,
-2 x dedicated 3.5t luton van 40m3 ( fully equipped: trolleys, furniture blankets, straps and tools)
-loading and unloading - eastmoves (28-06-2019)
Response: No response yet
Question: Hi, We are over 10 years in transport and removals. Quote is for 1 or 4 movers with 1 or 2 x new peugeot boxers low loaders removal vans . We do all lifting etc unless you are happy to help. We also carry tools to dismantle/reassemble wardrobes etc, we are very customer focused fully insured and here to move your goods smoothly.We do local and distance runs regularly. If you would like to accept quote please message first for availability.so can do asap for you.Also we will move all your goods by your choice in the rooms. We guarantee you fast and professional job
Regards Tom - ford69 (29-06-2019)
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Question: Hello
Are you still interested in our quote?
We understand that when you are choosing between many removals companies, you will be looking for a firm who can offer high quality service, reliability and professionalism as standard.
We aim to be very affordable and most importantly reliable and professional.
Kind Regards
Dan - eastmoves (01-07-2019)
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