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Storage Move

Job ref: 798095 Date listed: 15-06-2019
Bids: 2 (0 active) Lowest bid: £349.00


Collect from:

Guildford Surrey GU1 1RU United Kingdom

Deliver to:

Cockermouth Cumbria CA13 0TG United Kingdom



Approximate moving date:


Listing description

Moving From
Property type: Storage
Packing services required: No
Moving To
Property type: 3 Bed House
Bid Amount Submitted Expires
stu331980 (22) £349.00 15-06-2019 Accepted
slay3936 (16) £671.00 15-06-2019 Declined
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Question: Hi do you have a list of goods so we can calculate the size of vehicle needed please - stu331980 (15-06-2019)
Response: Hi sorry no list. You will need a Luton sized van, it was all put there by me in just a Luton. Its all in small boxes so real easy to move out exept for a few bits of furniture. Theres trolleys and lifts took my and a friend 40 minutes to load up.
Question: Hi have a Luton van passing Guilford on the 20th with just one man though and can offer an early morning collection and same day delivery for a lower price if you are interested.
Kind Regards
Stuart - stu331980 (15-06-2019)
Response: Hi again thank you so very much for the email Stu. Not too sure this is a one man job. Maybe he would be too tuckered out after he loaded up. Plus there is a sofa! If he thinks he can do it by himself then sure but as I say I had help putting it all in a van and into the storage unit and it took us 40 mins. What prices do you have in mind? GU1 1RU to CA130TG sorry about this but please no hidden costs I am really on a budget.

Question: Iam sure he would manage loading from the storage with trolleys and the wheels he has on the vanbut might need help unloading. But yeh for a one man service you would be looking at 280 and that would give you the full Luton van from storage to your self in cockermouth with no extra cost.
Hope this helps

Kind Regards
Stuart - stu331980 (15-06-2019)
Response: You got a deal Stuart. Thats brilliant thank you so much I am just recently retired so I am watching the pennies lately. How do I pay you by the way? And yes I will help him unload when he gets here..... in fact I will have two stong lads unload it with him. Truthfully I dont need the sofa or the matching chair so if he needs to leave them I will be fine with that. Thanks so much for this . Did you say the 20th? Best regards Chalky
Question: I will place my quote and if you accept then we will both be given each others contact details and can arrange a more accurate time and yes the 20th.
Iam sure the sofa and chairs will not be a problem though.

Kind Regards
Stuart - stu331980 (15-06-2019)
Response: Thats absolutly brilliant Stuart. Kindly be informed that I shall pay as soon as I get your quote. Do you have an approximate time he would arrive here this coming Thursday which is the 20th of June. Please also know I hope to do lots more business with you in the future if you can fit my collections onto the return of other journeys your making back home to Cumbria. With best wishes and kindest regards Chalky
Question: Sorry about that Chalky
I think the extra 65 is what you will have to pay delivery quote in order for them to release both our numbers so we can go ahead and contact each other.
Kind Regards
Stuart - stu331980 (16-06-2019)
Response: No problem. Its still very reasonable. And if this goes well then my friends, family and myself all have a new reliable transporter which is worth its wait in gold these days with all the stuff my lot buy on line.
Question: That sounds great to me thanks .
Hope to hear from you soon
Kind Regards
Stuart - stu331980 (16-06-2019)
Response: Paid their bill. How shall I sort you out Stu? Early bird catches the worm!!!
Question: That's great thanks Chalky and yeh definitely got to be early to catch the worm.
You can pay driver cash on completion if that is ok with your self.
I should receive your details in the next hour and can give you a call to make sure that I have full addresses and contact number and also finalize times.

Kind Regards
- stu331980 (16-06-2019)
Response: No response yet