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Listing summary

Flat / House Share Move

Job ref: 780631 Date listed: 17-04-2019
Bids: 7 (0 active) Lowest bid: £95.00


Collect from:

Lancaster Lancashire LA1 4YZ United Kingdom

Deliver to:

Romford Greater London RM6 5AL United Kingdom



Approximate moving date:


Listing description

Moving From
Property type: Flat / House Share
Floor: Second Floor
Lift: No
Packing services required: No
Moving To
Property type: Flat / House Share
Floor: Ground
Lift: No
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Large: 5
Bid Amount Submitted Expires
george15 (500) £95.00 23-04-2019 Accepted
guy001 (37) £288.00 17-04-2019 Declined
eastmoves (38) £500.00 18-04-2019 Declined
slay3936 (16) £554.00 17-04-2019 Declined
slay3936 (16) £613.00 17-04-2019 Replaced
ford69 (36) £613.00 17-04-2019 Declined
ford69 (36) £671.00 17-04-2019 Replaced
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Question: Hi,

Do you have an inventory?

Kind regards,

Cathie - george15 (17-04-2019)
Response: Hi Cathie,

This a university move so there is no furniture but there would be five large boxes (460x460x612mm) of stuff like duvets, clothes, books.


Question: Hi Nana,

Boxes are fine. From measurements given, you are looking at .75cubic metres space on van.

We would charge £95.00. To book, you would pay a deposit of £20.00 with the balance payable on delivery - not before.

Any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Kind regards,

Cathie - george15 (18-04-2019)
Response: Hi Cathie,

We would like to go ahead with this. How do I proceed as I can't see the quote in the formal section of the website?

Many thanks,

Question: Hi Nana

I have put in our quote, if you would like to accept it. However, the move will have to be completed by Friday 14th, as we are on holiday for 9 days from the 15th.

Kind regards

Cathie - george15 (23-04-2019)
Response: Hi Cathie,

That's fine. The collection will be from my sisters university accommodation and I've checked that she can be ready early on the Friday, and likewise we will be home to accept the delivery.

Many thanks,

Question: Hi Nana,

That's great news.

If you book the job before the end of this week, we will earmark Friday 14th for pickup and delivery.

Kind regards,

Cathie - george15 (23-04-2019)
Response: Hi Cathie,

Hope all is well! There has been a slight change of plan. There will now be 3 boxes of 457x457x457mm and 2 boxes of 71x44x31cm. I'm not sure if this changes the quote at all, but I hope this is okay regardless.

Many thanks,

Question: Hi Nana,

No, our quote will stand.

Thankyou for letting us know. it's very kind.


Cathie - george15 (02-05-2019)
Response: No response yet