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Listing summary

Storage Move

Job ref: 609106 Date listed: 02-01-2018
Bids: 2 (0 active) Lowest bid: £160.00


Collect from:

WF11 0DH United Kingdom

Deliver to:

Leeds LS25 6FQ United Kingdom


Approx. 9 miles

Approximate moving date:


Listing description

Moving From
Property type: Storage
Packing services required: No
Moving To
Property type: 2 Bed House
Bid Amount Submitted Expires
ady999 (12) £16.00 02-01-2018 Withdrawn
ady999 (12) £160.00 02-01-2018 Accepted


Question: hi, can you tell me whats to move please.. kindest regards. adrian - ady999 (02-01-2018)
Response: Hi,
There is the following:
Fridge freezer
Table and 4 chairs
Grandfather clock
Sofa 2 seater and armchair
Double divan bedbase
Coffee table
2 bedside tables
Writing bureau
Tumble dryer
Approx 10 boxes full of various items

I have 2 men for to help out with lifting, the items are at my aunties out houses, the sofa is a couple of miles away but on route to the property my mum is moving in to, many thanks
Question: ok. great. and when are you wanting to do the move? kind regards. Adrian. - ady999 (02-01-2018)
Response: It’s short notice but looking for this Saturday if you have availability, 6/01/18.

Question: hi yes i am available on saturday..It will more than likely be 2 journeys..? kind regards.?
- ady999 (02-01-2018)
Response: Yeah I think so, do you charge by the hour? Any idea on price ? Many thanks Leanne
Question: Hi i have quoted for you. if thats ok...kind regards. adrian. - ady999 (02-01-2018)
Response: Hi Adrian it says £16 is that right?
Kind regards
Question: you can accept my bid for the job...kind regards - ady999 (02-01-2018)
Response: No response yet
Question: Oooops. really sorry. it was meant to be £160.. kind regards. Adrian - ady999 (02-01-2018)
Response: Thought so thanks for amending I have booked with
You, cheers
Question: Thats great... i will speak with you really soon....kindest regards. Adrian. - ady999 (02-01-2018)
Response: No response yet