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Listing summary

2 Bed House Move

Job ref: 575203 Date listed: 22-09-2017
Bids: 1 (0 active) Lowest bid: £695.00


Collect from:

ST1 4BZ United Kingdom

Deliver to:

EH1 3AT United Kingdom


Approx. 251 miles

Approximate moving date:


Listing description

Moving From
Property type: 2 Bed House
Packing services required: No
Moving To
Property type: Storage
Bid Amount Submitted Expires
safcrudd (47) £695.00 22-09-2017 Accepted


Question: Could you please let me know what needs moving , and do you wish to travel with your items.
Thank you.
Kev - safcrudd (22-09-2017)
Response: Hi 2 single mattresses 1 double . 2 draws . Long mirror.many bags of clothes and shoes and toys.1 dogs 2bunchs armchair rug bookshelf. 4 garden chairs. Fridge. Bags of books and 3 bikes. Kitchen stuffs.as we are 2 adults and 2 children we can't travel with belongs I thinls. Thanls
Question: Ok . I'll place a bid to collect your belongings on the 26th and deliver direct.
If you are happy with the quote, please message before accepting as that day could get booked at any time.
Thanks. - safcrudd (22-09-2017)
Response: Ok just I.porta.y detail please . My belongs have to be about 10 and 12am to the storage. Thanks
Question: To be in Edinburgh before 12. They will either have to be picked up the previous day or very early on the 26th - safcrudd (22-09-2017)
Response: Yes no pb if the persons are honest I can trust them.
Question: So, do you want them collection early Tuesday morning.
Kev - safcrudd (22-09-2017)
Response: Yes no pb
Question: Ok. I can collect Tuesday morning at 7am .
Press accept bid then I will ring you .
Kev - safcrudd (22-09-2017)
Response: 7am you can't be at edenburgh before 12am I think
The storage is strict with the hour
Question: I will be in Edinburgh after 12 - safcrudd (22-09-2017)
Response: Sorry they said between 10 and 12. I will have pb if we are late
Question: What time do you want me to drop in Edinburgh ? - safcrudd (22-09-2017)
Response: About 11. 30 maximum
Question: I can't get there at that time . It's over 5 hours drive .
Can you not ring the storage company and book a later time ? - safcrudd (22-09-2017)
Response: Unfortunately no I tried...its home office storage. If you come take my belongs on Monday afternoon. It will help t9 be earlier their

Question: I'm booked on monday. I can't collect until Tuesday morning - safcrudd (22-09-2017)
Response: No response yet
Question: The best I could is collection on Sunday afternoon with delivery Tuesday at 11.30 - safcrudd (22-09-2017)
Response: I am in edenburgh at the moment and would drive there Sunday morning. I won't be ready and we won't have furniture to spend night there....a bit difficult. Thanks for the option anyway.
Question: Ok. No problem.
All the best .
Kev - safcrudd (22-09-2017)
Response: No response yet
Question: Let me see ifvimcan finish my Monday job earlier . I may be able to collect Monday evening .
Give me 20 mins and I'll get back to you - safcrudd (22-09-2017)
Response: Ok no pb
Question: If I can * - safcrudd (22-09-2017)
Response: No response yet
Question: Hello.
I have organised my Monday job to be done earlier.
So I can now collect on Monday afternoon.
But I won't know exactly what time, but it will be between 2 and 6 pm.
Is that ok for you ?
Kev - safcrudd (22-09-2017)
Response: Hi kev. About 4 ock . But am flexible that day you can come a bit later if you want. Which kind of van do you have please. I don't want have pb when you 'll come to collect ...the post code in stoke on Trent is st14bz.
Question: I have a ford Luton with a tail lift - safcrudd (22-09-2017)
Response: I think it will be fine. How much we said and what have I to do now .thanks
Question: If you are happy for me to collect on Monday afternoon please press accept as soon as possible before someone else books me for that day.
Kev - safcrudd (22-09-2017)
Response: No response yet
Question: I've placed a bid.
Press accept bid.
Pay the site deposit.
Then i will ring you.
Kev - safcrudd (22-09-2017)
Response: No response yet