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Listing summary

1 Bed Flat Move

Job ref: 543928 Date listed: 09-07-2017
Bids: 3 (0 active) Lowest bid: £200.00


Collect from:

WC1N 3EN United Kingdom

Deliver to:

NG1 1LL United Kingdom


Approx. 128 miles

Approximate moving date:


Listing description

Moving From
Property type: 1 Bed Flat
Floor: Third Floor and Above
Lift: No
Packing services required: No
Moving To
Property type: 1 Bed Flat
Floor: Third Floor and Above
Lift: Yes
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Bedroom chairs: 1
Large: 9
Bid Amount Submitted Expires
zac-vantransport (34) £200.00 10-07-2017 Accepted
james225 (71) £325.00 10-07-2017 Declined
mick-the-courier (224) £391.00 10-07-2017 Declined
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Question: What exactly needs moving and do you want to travel as well. Thanks. Mick - mick-the-courier (10-07-2017)
Response: 1 desk, 1 chair and around 8 boxes/luggages with clothes, books and small kitchen utensils (dishes, pans etc..).
Yes, I would like to travel as well if possible.
Question: Ok. I'll place a bid to collect you and you're belongings then deliver straight away.
Please take some time to read my feedback before accepting my bid.
Thanks. Mick - mick-the-courier (10-07-2017)
Response: No response yet