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Listing summary

1 Bed Flat Move

Job ref: 543531 Date listed: 08-07-2017
Bids: 2 (0 active) Lowest bid: £900.00


Collect from:

Brandon IP United Kingdom

Deliver to:

Letterkenny Ireland


Approx. 530 miles

Approximate moving date:


Listing description

Moving From
Property type: 1 Bed Flat
Floor: First Floor
Lift: No
Packing services required: No
Moving To
Property type: 1 Bed Flat
Floor: Ground
Lift: No
Bid Amount Submitted Expires
uk-ireland (161) £900.00 09-07-2017 Accepted
euromb (14) £1,400.00 08-07-2017 Withdrawn
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Question: What exactly needs moving and do you want to travel as well. Thanks. Mick - mick-the-courier (08-07-2017)
Response: Hi Mick,
It's a small 1bed flat, 2tables, 3 chairs, a 1door wardrobe, double bed, 1chest of drawers, 1 tv stand, washing machine, fridge (small, not combi freezer), a few boxes. The troublesome part is a treadmill, professional gym-type so needs to be disassembled to be taken out.
I will be going with my own car.
Moving and delivery date is flexible, can be up to a week apart.


Question: Thanks Maria.
Do you have a budget for this delivery - mick-the-courier (08-07-2017)
Response: Cheaper the better :-D Look, It's IKEA mostly so I might be better off donating it to a charity that offers free removals. :-D
Question: Ok. Let me know your budget and I'll tell you if it's possible - mick-the-courier (08-07-2017)
Response: The best offer I have so far is £1400 but I was hoping for something like half of it...
Question: The problem is the ferry , it's over £300.
I could do it for about £1000 - mick-the-courier (08-07-2017)
Response: Are you going to have any other transport to Ireland? My stuff is going to my sister's place in Letterkenny for storage so if you can remove it late july/early Aug then delivery can wait if it is possible?
Question: I only do a dedicated service. So only 1 job at a time - mick-the-courier (08-07-2017)
Response: I understand. Can we do £850? And you can choose the day :-)
Question: Can you give me the full collection post code - mick-the-courier (08-07-2017)
Response: IP27 0BD
Would need 2 men to remove the treadmill.
Question: The problem is if I bid £850 I only get £667 after site fees. And that isn't anywhere near enough.
Sorry - mick-the-courier (08-07-2017)
Response: If I find your homepage and hire you outside of this site?
Question: Sorry. I'm not allowed to give you my details . This site don't allow it.
If you write NUMBERS they get deleted - mick-the-courier (08-07-2017)
Response: I see. So what's your best price?
Question: I'm just pricing up the ferry and the mileage. Give me 30 mins - mick-the-courier (08-07-2017)
Response: No response yet
Question: I will need the full post codes for an accurate price - mick-the-courier (08-07-2017)
Response: F92X653
Question: What is that ? - mick-the-courier (08-07-2017)
Response: The postcode. So from IP27 0BD to F92 X653
Question: F92X653.
I don't understand.
Mick Fells
- mick-the-courier (08-07-2017)
Response: You asked for the postcodes?
Maria Tidrenczel
Question: Hi we can undertake this move for you, regards John - uk-ireland (09-07-2017)
Response: No response yet
Question: I can lift the 20th with delivery a few days later. - uk-ireland (09-07-2017)
Response: Hi John,
Unfortunately the 20th is too early for me. I'm flexible regarding the removal date, between 26th-4th of Aug and delivery pretty much anytime suitable for you.
Question: No problem can book you in for the 2th August with deliver a day or so later.

Regards John - uk-ireland (09-07-2017)
Response: 2nd sounds perfect, I just need to confirm it with my sister (my stuff is going to be stored at her place).
Have a couple of questions. Does your quote include 2 men and dis/reassembly? I have a treadmill that is a monster and won't go through the door in one piece.
Also, is £900 fixed price or negotiable?


Question: Hi Maria, two men at all times assembly/dis included shouldn't be a problem taking the arms off the treadmill.

Unfortunately with the current price of ferrys, the price would be around the same.

We can supply storage if you need it.

Regards John - uk-ireland (09-07-2017)
Response: Thanks John. For the treadmill, it's a SOLE F63 type if you wanna google it. It's the really big one you see in gyms and I don't think the arms only would be enough (at least this is not how it came in).
Just want to be sure you're OK with it and not giving you nasty surprises. :-)

Regards, Maria
Question: No problem at all Maria just looked it up, we've the tools here to dismantle anything.
Regards john.
- uk-ireland (09-07-2017)
Response: Great, thanks! I'll get back to you as soon as my sister and her husband confirmed they will be at home/leave keys on the 3rd/4th.

Have a nice Sunday :-)

Question: Geeat thanks, You too Maria. - uk-ireland (09-07-2017)
Response: Hi John, my sister confirmed, we can go ahead. Regards, Maria
Question: That's great Maria just follow the on screen directions, regards John - uk-ireland (10-07-2017)
Response: Hi John, I was wondering if you already know what time are you arriving to pick up my furniture on the 2nd? I would like to book my ferry ticket and not sure which one I'll be able to catch. Thanks, have a good weekend! Maria
Question: Hi Maria will be late afternoon before we pick up, I will ring you with a better ETA a t peat 4 hours before we get there. Regards John - uk-ireland (29-07-2017)
Response: Great, thanks! I'll just book my ticket for the 3rd, then.
Question: No problem Marie speak soon. - uk-ireland (29-07-2017)
Response: No response yet
Question: Hi Maria, we've been trying to ring you to arrange pick up but no answer. - uk-ireland (02-08-2017)
Response: Hi John, sorry the phone was on charger and me packing downstairs. Just called the boys now.
Question: Thanks Maria - uk-ireland (02-08-2017)
Response: Hi John, I just talked the boys on the phone and apparently they didn't know about my treadmill and were concerned. Should I start to be worried? Thanks, Maria
Question: We will collect 10th-11th August - uk-ireland (02-08-2017)
Response: Thanks John. As I mentioned over the phone I might not be able to find professional help to disassemble the treadmill further but will let you know. I take it you'll still remove it as we agreed.